BETA - Venu 2 Plus SW 8.05 Is Available

Download - Venu 2 Plus


  • If you see any issues send an email to [email protected] Please indicate the following: Your Venu variant (Venu 2, Venu 2S, Venu 2 Plus). Additionally, provide the software version of Garmin Connect Mobile and whether on Android or iOS.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 7.40 to 8.05:

  • Removed WEP Wi-Fi network support
  • Added press and hold on watch face complications to open detailed view
  • Added Connect IQ System 5 support
  • Improved display backlight performance
  • Sleep, watch face, and workout improvements
  • Stability and UI improvements
  • Hey great one. Can you please details what’s new in sleep tracking ? Are you using the same algorithm than the vivoactive sport ? (Which seems to be the best garmin one)

    how about ABC widget, this watch support all the sensors for that, is it a hidden or missed feature ?

    many thanks Pray 

  • Is there a way to revert to a non-beta firmware version after trying the beta one?

  • Installation Instructions

    1. Connect your Venu 2+ to your computer using the USB cable. Download and unzip Place the GUPDATE.GCD file into the \GARMIN directory of the device. Place the 006B219607.GCD and 006B379907.GCD files into the \GARMIN\RemoteSW directory of the device. Disconnect your device from the computer, approve the update on the watch, and wait for the update to finish. A second software update prompt will appear after several minutes of inactivity to update the Wi-Fi firmware. If you would like to revert to the last public release software, place the GUPDATE_740.GCD file in the \GARMIN folder. Rename GUPDATE_740.GCD to GUPDATE.GCD before disconnecting your device. NOTE: If you revert to an older version of software, all of your settings will be reset to defaults.
  • Tnx for the feedback. I was wondering about to where to get the public release software... But then it hit me, it is included in the beta zip file :). I'll give it a try, just because of the brightess issue (after 7.40 brightness is stuck in auto mode)

  • i have to revert back because one activity was making the watch in to a boot loop

  • Hello .  I am sorry to hear about the boot loop state in which the watch got stuck.  Could you tell me a bit more about what was happening on the watch prior to the watch entering the boot loop state?

    Additionally, so that I may assist you further, please reply with the following:

    1. May we, if necessary, have permission to email you?
    2. May we, if necessary, have permission to view/access your Garmin Connect account?
    3. In what country do you live?
  • 1. yes

    2. yes


    the watch was working just fine before applying the beta, the problem was with an activity named "Morning Streaching" that make the watch reboot after the second repeat of the first workout of that activity.

    the boot loop happened when i edited (just trying to troubleshoot the problem) the activity and change the workout form 10 seconds to 15 and load it to the watch. after that the watch enter in a boot loop. Have to  restore to factory settings.

    note: the activity editing was done in Garmin connect on line and load it to the watch using Garmin express

  • Guys! Please fix the pairing code issue on samsung Android systems instead if adding new features. It's making dozens of people crying and garmin still is idling around.

  • Bonjour, 

    J'ai installé comme expliqué la version 8.05 bêta, mais quand je régade dans la montre, la version logiciel est toujours 7.40.

    Une idée ? 

  • Miałem ten sam problem, zegarek sam się zawieszał i ciągle restartował. Pomogła tylko wersja oprogramowania z twardym resetem. 7,4