Audio and Mic stopped working after firmware update

Got my Venu 2 Plus yesterday, worked great all evening, at the end of the night I upgraded the firmware to 7.37 and now the audio and mic don't work.  

Using it to communicate with Google Assistant and it doesn't hear anything. I tried calling someone and she couldn't hear me at all through my watch. No sounds play from the watch, none of the audio works (when I try to play music it tries to play and then stops, unless I connect bluetooth headphones, alarms only vibrate, I turned on button sounds and hear nothing)

So how do I roll it back?  Is there any way? I don't even know what version the watch came with, but if I could find a way to roll it back that would be great. 

I've reset the watch multiple times and reinstalled connect with no success.  

Thanks for any help.