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iOS: "No Phone Connection" message displayed on watch despite being paired and connected via Bluetooth

Just got a Venu 2 Plus and paired the watch to my iPhone 13 mini. Siri works for about an hour. Then when I press the shortcut button on the watch it says No Phone Connection. Watch syncs to Connect app just fine and getting phone notifications. I’ve already reset the watch and repaired it. Works again for about and hour then I get the same No Phone Message. Any ideas? 

  • 1. 8.12
    2. iOS device
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Spain

  • 1. 8.12
    2. iOS device
    3. 4.51.1
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Saudi Arabia

  • 8.12





  • Same here - V2 +, ios, iphone 12 pro max  etc etc 

    I was experiencing this badly - could not even go from one room to a another in the house 

    However when i checked connection, the Connect App or the watch did not have - Wifi connection, I did put the wifi password during setup however it has disappeared from the connect App/watch 

    Check whether your watch is connecting to your Home wifi directly 

    once i put the wifi password and got the connection now I can leave the phone in the bedroom  and go 3 yards out of the main door   - this a massive "achievement" from Garmin point of view  

    I paid £400.00 uk pounds - there are more (all most - a little exaggerations out of frustration) "Not working" parts in my Garmin V2+ than Working parts, for eg - Body Temp widget is not working either 

  • Please, PM [email protected]

    it is frustrating, I went from android to iOS, and many features don’t work properly or at all

  • I thought I had replied but it seems to have disappeared. I am having this issue, plus the watch screen randomly turns on gestures in the middle of the night even though it is set to do not disturb. 

    1. 8.12

    2. iOs


    4. Yes

    5. yes

    6. USA

  • Sorry to hear that - just to share, I have a very expensive plastic watch around my wrist which accurately tells me the time GrinningGrinning, other than that..most other facilities are hit  and a miss. 

    Oh Treadmill running is accurate 

    On the App shop - only the watch faces, when you going to pay - if the developer is from Russia, none of the established payment systems are working, 

    If I carry on with my frustrations...I may have to write 20 pages. Sometimes in life, we do mistakes and decision to buy this watch was one of those ( that's my personal opinion) 

  • Hi to all,

    Just bought a new Venu 2 Plus to track fitness and health condition on a daily basis.

    Almost all of the setup process runs smoothly, except on  the part related to Siri configuration.

    I've got the same problem reported on this thread.

    My current configuration is:

    1. 9.17
    2. IOS (IPHONE 13 Pro)
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Portugal

    Expecting to ear some news from you soon.



  • Go to your watch setting and check whether the watch can directly connect to your home wifi, if No, reconnect and this will extend the connection length ( how far you can go from the phone) 

    For the last few Venu 2 plus gets discount from my phone even if I go downstairs in my house, some times from Room to the bathroom it get disconnect

    With my Apple watch ( Bluetooth version NOT LTE) I could leave the phone in my bedroom and go out and do the gardening and still had the connection 

    Venu 2 plus - A fantastic Sport watch but definitely definitely definitely not a Smart watch at any strech of the imagination. 

  • Thank you for your reply, but the question is not with conection length.

    This message displays with the watch about 10 cm from the phone, when I try to activate Siri.

    It seems the interface between the watch and the mobile phone is not working, something in the comunication protocol is not in sync.

    Siri works perfectly when activated from my Sony WF-1000XM4.