Lily battery showing inaccurate reading, so does hydration

Hydration has been an issue since I got the Lily and battery started being an issue with the second to last update I believe. And yes, I have all the updates. 

Battery: I charged lily in the evening, went to bed with around 91% battery, have sleep ox on at night, and I woke up 8 hours later and battery shows 93%?! Like obviously that's inaccurate. It's been an hour and battery still at 93%... This sounds great except a while later, after holding around steady, it suddenly ends up going down to 19% or so or just to another really low level. If I cant rely on the battery the watch is showing then how can I know when to charge it? This is incredibly frustrating.

Hydration: this has been happening since I got the watch and it hadn't bothered me until now, I feel like it's gone through the roof in ridiculousness with the latest update. My goal is at 80 oz... Except lily shows 80 sometimes, 90 sometimes, 112 zone times, back to 80 other times and when I log my water I have to keep in mind what I logged because an hour later it might show more or less intake than I logged before! It's completely unreliable and I have no clue why...

Any help?