Why is my battery draining so quickly?

I got my Lily last week and I love the look of it but the battery is dying so quickly. I had a Vivosmart 4 that would last for a week but this Lily is draining in about a day.

This morning it was fully charged and 2 hours later it's already at 95%. Yesterday is was fully charged and when I got up this morning it was at 50%.The pulse ox setting off.

I'm also having a lot of issues with the Connect App and the Lily. Yesterday the app couldn't find the watch at all when I went to set it for a walk. I have to delete the app and reinstall the watch, then it wouldn't connect to the app for GSP.

The Lily is a beautiful fitness tracker but seems like a lot of bugs. Disappointed

  • Under vivo there is no lily option. Options are vivoactive, vivofit, vivomove, vivomove HR, vivosmart, and vivosport - no lily.  I tried several of the options but it never found it and always returned me to Search Again. I do not have an ANT stick - am using the USB that came with the device. 

    On another note, I took the same walk today as I did yesterday. The Lily was100% charged and it made it the entire walk and was still at 93% charged when I returned. It's now about 6 hours later and at 83% before plugging in to try Garmin Express.   On the walk today I had the pulse oximeter off.   I went 4.3 miles in the Walk Activity mode using GPS and it was 10 degrees hotter out today than yesterday, so I think that's a good sign and am hopeful it was a fluke yesterday. 

  • I am having the same issue.  I got my LILLY ON Monday and my battery won't even last 24 hours.  I had a fit bit before and it would last at least 5 days.  I'm so disappointed because I love the look of this.  Please help

  • Please plug the device into the computer and sync with Garmin Express. We released an update that would have corrected the battery drain. Then unplug and let me know how the battery is within the next 24 hours. 

  • Update on mine - I have not had the battery drain issue since that first day but I only turn the pulse oximeter on when I go to to bed and turn it off when I wake up. After an hour walk yesterday with the GPS turned on, the battery dropped 6 points - from 37% to 31%. It was 100+ degrees outside so I'm pretty pleased with that.  Also happy that it charges fast when plugged in to my computer. 

  • Similar update from me - I mistakenly turned on the pulse oximeter as a one-off and the battery went from 85% to 15% in 5 minutes. So, never attempt to use the pulse oximeter unless you are very near the charger - she seems to find the pulse oximeter incredibly demanding :-)  If I never use that feature, I get around 2-3 days battery life with a daily GPS activity.

    Oh, and the Garmin Express recommendation didn't work for me at all - there is no Lily option anywhere, and it just keeps trying to find it and never does. I gave up and uninstalled it.  

    The other thing I notice is that the GPS via the Garmin connect app is very generous - routinely gives me 15-20% more mileage than I really did. On the plus side, my average pace has improved enormously! Luckily runkeeper is still accurate and reminds that I am not that fast :-) 

  • So yesterday my Lily was fully charged and this morning it's at 6%. I didn't even use it to track yesterday!!

  • Yeah, the Garmin Express thing didn't work for me either.

  • Garmin express does not even show the lily.  I tried this and it would not find my device.  I was emailed from someone as well.  They said to let them know with 24 hors if the garmin express fixed the issue.  I emailed back explaining that the lily isn't on there.  No response.  I am extremely disappointed. 

  • To get the device to be recognized by Garmin Express. Can you try both of these steps: 

    Open Garmin Express first, then plug the Lily in.
    Rebooting with the Lily lugged in.
  • Same problem. Nealy 2 days of battery life. Although I clearly remember that the1st week, and maybe even the 2nd the battery held close to advertised 5 days. I have Pulse Ox enabled and GPS disabled from a Day 1.