Some bugs to fix and suggestions for new updates.... (list)


I don't think the Lily will be so popular that it will get many users to post here. So why not make a thread with bugs to fix and suggestions for updates. 


- when turning BT off in control menu it doesn't show it on my watch, it says not connected instead off BT off. I have swipe to main screen and again to control menu, that is when it shows off but not at the moment when turning it off, please fix this, a little annoying to check twice if BT is turned off

- it takes a long time for the Body Battery widget to update, sometimes 5 seconds till it shows the updated BB since being in the widget last, other widgets don't take time to update and do it immediately, no problem with BB widget on other Garmin devices either


- please let us users set an alarm from the watch itself, not from the app, there is no logic why you can only set an alarm from the Connect app

- give us an option to restart/soft reset the device, if something is going wrong on the watch, at least an option with the reset setting to just restart it

  • Bug:

    Gestures don't turn off.  I have it selected to off, but the screen still turns on with the slightest movement from my wrist.  It means I have to charge my Lily every 2 days. 

  • Happens to me too! The watch itself is not sensitive so I find it weird that the gesture mode doesn't turn off. We're still in the middle of a pandemic and it's quite annoying how the screen turns on when I'm just washing my hands! 

  • I second the suggestion to allow a restart (without a reset) or even turning it off (I run with a Forerunner as I don't carry my phone and need GPS), so for long runs (marathon season coming up) I'd like to turn off my Lily while I'm out with my FR, to conserve battery.

    Also experiencing the issue where the screen doesn't always activate when I turn my wrist, and tap to wake doesn't always work (gotta try it a few times)

    Feature: for hydration, allow custom units instead of 250ml (configured in connect app I guess would be easiest) - I tend to sip water through the day and often forget to log when I guestimate I've hit the next 250ml mark

  • I'm having an issue where I randomly feel my watch buzz, look down and see that it's displaying the "add to hydration log" screen. I don't ever use the hydration log feature and I even removed it from the visible widgets. At least once this has happened and I couldn't get out of the screen until I plugged the watch into the charger.

  • Unfortunately your body battery reading might be accurate. This was the case for me with my vivosmart 4 as well as the Lily. I started using another app called Welltory which gives you much more detailed information about your heart rate vvariability I wish Garmin would allow them to access their HRV readings!!! I've started to pay attention to my sleep and stress and activity in response to those low readings, and it helps me figure out what works. I'm usually between 15-40 now...not great, but better than always 5!

  • I have a lily and I love how it looks and fits since I have very small wrist but there are a lot of issues:

    1. If I track a walk activity on Lily it uploads it to Strava (which I’ve linked) as a bicycle ride. What?? Also I thought linking with Strava would give me more details on my saved Strava activity but it gives me less- I’m just using Strava directly to track my activities now so that the map and elevation show up too 

    2. I was just washing the dishes with my dish gloves on and the damn thing just somehow sent an emergency alert to all of my emergency contacts! What!!? Now I have people texting me like what is wrong are you dying?

    3. Why does the hydration log on the watch start with 7 ounces? Also, I don’t just blast a glass of water at once so why can’t we add these in increments of 1oz? I’ve stopped tracking this because I can’t get an accurate log in

    4. The auto start/stop feature is really bad. It would randomly start an activity an hour after I’d already been walking and was about to walk back into my house. And it would randomly end things when I was nowhere near finished, and I could not resume... so I have five separate ten minute activities listed on my Strava for the same thing. And why can you only pause an activity for 30 seconds? Leave it paused until I resume it (especially if I’m taking a bathroom break or something) or have it remind you after five minutes or more.