Some bugs to fix and suggestions for new updates.... (list)


I don't think the Lily will be so popular that it will get many users to post here. So why not make a thread with bugs to fix and suggestions for updates. 


- when turning BT off in control menu it doesn't show it on my watch, it says not connected instead off BT off. I have swipe to main screen and again to control menu, that is when it shows off but not at the moment when turning it off, please fix this, a little annoying to check twice if BT is turned off

- it takes a long time for the Body Battery widget to update, sometimes 5 seconds till it shows the updated BB since being in the widget last, other widgets don't take time to update and do it immediately, no problem with BB widget on other Garmin devices either


- please let us users set an alarm from the watch itself, not from the app, there is no logic why you can only set an alarm from the Connect app

- give us an option to restart/soft reset the device, if something is going wrong on the watch, at least an option with the reset setting to just restart it

  • Bug:

    BT connection isn't stable. Maybe every 30 min it cuts connection and connects again to the Phone.

    Body battery always at 5, whatever I do. 

  • Hello, thank you for your feed back. We have reported the body battery issue. As for the other two I can send the feedback to my team. For resetting the device you can use these steps below:

  • Bug:

    Screen doesn't always wake up on double tap.

    Why not enable a single touch to turn the watch on, I think it would be way more reliable

  • Totally agree! 


    At first I had no problems with raise to wake, but now it sometimes or often doesn't detect wrist movement. No problem at the beginning of owning the watch with SW 3.10. 

  • Bug:  hydration log always shows one more cup of water in Garmin Connect than what I've recorded on watch.

    Improvement:  Make the Breathwork app the same as the other Garmin wearables.  It was a disappointment to find out that only one type of breathing exercise is available on Lily, as opposed to the 3 exercises available through breathwork on the other devices.

  • Suggestion

    This auto ending activity is so annoying. When I take some minutes off, a break during a workout, I have to stop this auto ending each 30 seconds or so. What the hell is Garmin thinking? Please remove this or give us at least 2-5 minutes time for it or a setting where we can activate or deactivate auto ending.

  • Suggestion:

    When I add to my hydration in oz, it always starts with 7, then 15, etc by 8 oz increments.  I have to go into the app to add 1oz to get it to a round 8oz number.  Need to fix that first add to 8 oz.

  • BUG:  This one cracked me up and almost caused the condition it reported.  When I log "tender breasts" on the period tracker widget, either on the watch itself or on Garmin connect, it displays "urine leakage" under symptoms on the "today" screen of the period tracker on the watch.  URINE LEAKAGE?!?! 

  • Bug? My Lily keeps activating at night.  I wake up to a buzz and notice that it's tracking a walk, running a breathing exercise, sending an emergency alert, or the worst one, finding my phone which wakes the whole house up and can't be stopped until I get out of bed and find the phone!   Is there no way to disable the touch screen during sleep?!  Its becoming unbearable.

  • Completely agree! Very annoying. Is there a way to solve this?