I posted this in another general topic, but it deserves some focus.


I have additional caretakers setup in the Garmin Jr. App so that my son can message them, e.g. grandparents. I have no possibility to enable or disable localization services for caretakers, i.e. at any point in time, ANY caretaker can also see where my son, and therefore likely the whole family, is or is doing. They also get notifications when we (my son) move, exit boundaries, charge the watch, start a timer, etc. They also are included in all "Family" chats, although most messages are intended for only my son, my wife and myself. 


  • Are you sure the people entered as Caregivers have the Family chat?  I set up my oldest kid (27) as a Caregiver and she does not have the Family group in the Connect section.  They only have the 2 kids with Bounce devices listed.

    As for the location stuff, you are right they do get all the notifications. But he notifications can be disable on the Caregiver version of the Garmin Jr. app.

    It has been mentioned before that it would be nice if there was a chat only group like there is for Bounce device to Bounce device.

  • Hi, you're right. The caregivers are listed as family members, and if I look at the chat participants from my own phone, it shows all family members. I checked with my father, though, and indeed he does not see the family chat. One problem fewer. 

  • Any updates or workarounds on this in the past four months? I'd like my ex wife to message our daughter but obviously wouldn't want her to be able to track where we are and get notified when we come and go.

  • Agree, THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!  I have caregivers that do not need to know the family's every move.  I would have not purchased this watch for my son had I known this issue.  My nephew has a similar watch  from another brand and his dad is able to choose which contact has location access and which don't.   Please add access control so that the guardian can choose which acceess to grant to the careguvers or add a contact level just for messaging.