Bounce Lte battery drain

My son got the bounce for Xmas however with LTE on the battery only lasts 8-12 hours. That is with minimal use of the actual watch. 

If airplane mode is on then the battery only drains less than 10% in that same 8-12 hour period. But the watch features are useless in airplane mode.

Is the battery drain a known issue and is there any fix? 

Currently have to charge the watch twice a day.

  • Interesting, I was just commenting to my wife that the watches were lasting much longer than the advertised 2 days.  We are getting about 4 days with LTE and WiFi.  We do have the kids connected to home and school wifi.  But we were on a week long ski vacation with no wifi connectivity and still over 2 days even doing gps activities each day.

  • That is weird, how many bars of connectivity do you have? I noticed my son's is usually on 0 or 1 and wondering if that's draining the battery. 

  • A couple days ago, my son was at a friends house with no LTE coverage and even with it connected to their wifi, it zapped the battery in about 12 hours. I did not add their house as a "place" but there was a note about putting in a location to improve battery life.

    Other than that one instance, the battery has lasted at minimum 24-30 hours with the new factor of him playing and tinkering with it more.

    1. Thank you, for your insight. We‘ve got the same problem.

      We‘ve got two Bounce-watches at home-unfortunatly, the battery lasts only for several hours and also during nighttime, the watch decharges itself while not being worn.
      The watch has to be charged twice a day.
      Any suggestions?
      We use the built in WatchFace and two fences are set.
      Thank you, for your support

  • I honestly don't know what the difference would be.  We are back home and they seem to usually have 3-4 bars when we are out of the house.  Testing longevity now and we are on the 3rd day of not charging and starting the day at 25%.

  • Today is the first day back at school for our son with his Bounce and inside the school, there is no LTE coverage, so battery is gonna be taking a hard hit. Will see what battery life looks like when he gets home. 

    Strangely, it hadn't been able to verify location since he entered the school "fence" this morning , then sent an alert that he left the elementary's "fence" and immediately showed him teleported to the district's HS campus 5 miles away. Assuming this is some data "location" glitch.

  • I was just reading DC Rainmaker's review and saw this.

    "Now before we move on, I will note that if the child takes off the watch at night, the battery savings are significant. This is because anytime the watch is removed and the internal sensors detect zero movement, it goes into a sleep mode that’s super efficient. I’ve left these powered on, on a desk, for many days of battery life. So at least if your kid takes it off and leaves it somewhere, you can find it again for quite some time."

    We do take off the watches every night.  And the girls sleep 10-11 hours a night. So this may be contributing to our better than average battery life.

  • I was reading that article as well and was contemplating doing that if needed to extend battery life so its not an issue when away from home.

  • went to bed last night at 100% charge with watch on his wrist. no wifi or LTE while in school today and made it home at 20% remaining today. Will charge again today and see what the overnight drain is and see if normal use will require him to take it off at night going forward.

  • Hi, also here same problem, I can count on less than 10h; I already contacted Garmin, they substituted my watch, no improvement. I do have not ideal LTE connection where I live, but I have connected to WiFi at home, this does NOT seem to improve the situation at all. Today I also joined the WiFi at the Kindergarten, let's see how this works out. Gestures are disabled, brightness is low, display timer is short. I also see delays in the messaging function at occasions, regardless of wifi.