RTL 511 - All is great except group rides

There are so many pros of this back light I wonder how I could bike without it in the past.

Not only is quite bright and lets me know when a vehicle approaches but it also makes cars overtake me somewhat further. I've done the experiment with other rear lights and the conclusion : changing flash intensity and rate invites cars to overtake you further from your bicycle. Don't know why nor care to know, it is just a plain conclusion based on multiple observations.

It is also awesome to know there is a car behind when you are going down a mountain and wind doesn't let you hear anything !

That being said, there is a little problem with this light : group rides.

When other cyclists are behind the light can quickly become annoying and can even reduce their visibility as they are blinded at night.

Some will argue say ' Don't you think it is cool for other cyclists to know when cars are coming ?'

Well, yes and no. It is cool to know but if the price to pay is having your yes blasted by a very strong light, well, the answer is 'no'.I have ridden with other guys who have the same light and it is too bright when you are riding behind, specially at night. 

I have an Edge 830 and I have tested all the possibilities to try to stop flashing and it is impossible. The only option is :  Ride with the radar on and light off and use a second back light. This makes no sense.

I would like to know if someone has any info about Garmin being aware of this and if they plan to give us the option of a group ride in the light though an update.


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