Rally XC100 right-pedal battery door ceased?

I searched and couldn't find an answer to this. So, hopefully this isn't redundant.

I had a set of Rally XC100 pedals and bought the RK pedal body conversion kit for them. However, I was unable to unscrew the right-pedal (dummy pedal) battery door. I ended up stripping the hex slot out. That battery door was stuck!

So I contacted Garmin support and they kindly sent me another one. But, it's ceased too!! The hex slot started to strip on that one as well, so I stopped.

Now, I'm wondering if the dummy pedal battery door is supposed to be removable at all? Does anyone know if that dummy pedal battery door comes off the XC100 pedals? I just found another random right road pedal to use for now, but I would rather if they matched. Feels like the pedal body conversion kit is misleading if you can only transfer the sensors in the left pedal.