New Edge Explore software version 5.20 available

Today Garmin Express offered new software version 5.20 for the Edge Explore.

Changes from version 5.10 are:

Device Software Version: 5.20
File Size: 20.83 MB
1.Added the ability to customize the activity track color on the map.
2.Fixed an issue with OSM roundabouts giving incorrect guidance.
3.Fixed an issue where routing to points that are not in the road network could create very long routes.
4.Fixed an issue where the Course Creator out-and-back was not working properly.
5.Updated the turn review map page so the distance on the top left of the screen updates and the data field on the bottom left shows Heading.
6.Only alert for LiveTrack auto start timeout once per activity.
7.Made OK the first response for LiveTrack and Text Message response prompts to minimize interaction while riding.
8.Added letters to the Polish keyboard to make it easier to type words in other languages.
9.Fixed an issue on the keyboard that could cause the device to shut down.
10.Fixed handling for long course names.

Installation was without issues and a quick scan 'in hand' showed no issues in the menu, screens, etc..
Note: No IQ Apps installed and Connected Features disabled (BT Off).

In the same session also 16 Language Files were renewed.