Garmin............leave my device alone!

What is it with software designers? They seem to think it's them that owns our devices, not the customer.

I downloaded the latest software update, and find find 2 things have happened. First, the usual with all my previous devices; you've added 3 Garmin HQ locations to my saved places. You think I'm going to cycle to Taiwan to visit your offices? Each location takes 7 clicks to delete. I DON'T WANT YOU PUTTING YOUR OFFICE LOCATIONS ON MY DEVICE. At least I'm used to this happening from previous devices.
As if that's not annoying enough, I then find that the update has changed all my customized data screens. More time wasted restoring them, and luckily I discovered this before I'd just set off on a ride.
There's a third thing actually. I made the mistake of reading the details of the update, and saw that there was nothing of interest or relevance to me, just some stuff about bike lights.

I can't believe it's not possible to provide customers with software updates that leave their settings intact, and not downloading updates is not an option due to nag screens if you don't.