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Garmin............leave my device alone!

What is it with software designers? They seem to think it's them that owns our devices, not the customer.

I downloaded the latest software update, and find find 2 things have happened. First, the usual with all my previous devices; you've added 3 Garmin HQ locations to my saved places. You think I'm going to cycle to Taiwan to visit your offices? Each location takes 7 clicks to delete. I DON'T WANT YOU PUTTING YOUR OFFICE LOCATIONS ON MY DEVICE. At least I'm used to this happening from previous devices.
As if that's not annoying enough, I then find that the update has changed all my customized data screens. More time wasted restoring them, and luckily I discovered this before I'd just set off on a ride.
There's a third thing actually. I made the mistake of reading the details of the update, and saw that there was nothing of interest or relevance to me, just some stuff about bike lights.

I can't believe it's not possible to provide customers with software updates that leave their settings intact, and not downloading updates is not an option due to nag screens if you don't.
  • I agree that updates should not change my settings.

    I agree that updates should not change my settings.
  • Why does it do this?

    I am so annoyed every time there is an update - and really that is such a bad response to what ought to be improvements.

    This has been happening with every update for me since I have had the device - many updates now...

    Please put a bit of effort in Garmin, this never was an issue with my Edge 800.
  • Quite right.

    And now, yet again, another update (8) which has no changes of relevance or use to me, but in addition has once again added the completely useless locations of the Garmin HQs in Taiwan etc. to 'saved locations' and even more annoying, deleted one of my data screens, and altered all the fields on the one that remains.

    I think I'm going to send Garmin my bill for time spent on sorting out my device every time they decide to interfere with it.
  • My previous post hasn't appeared yet, or been removed.

    I complained, again, about another update with features that are of no interest or relevance to me, but which have once again placed the locations of Garmin's international HQ on my 'saved locations', removed my data screens and changed the fields on the one that remains, and reset just about every other setting, such as navigation and timer start mode. I've had to go through and check every setting again.

    Garmin, it's my device, stop interfering with it without my permission.

    Typically, I see that a moderator has unhelpfully and pointlessly locked the similar thread on this subject started by someone else. Obviously avoiding duplicate posts and 'clutter' is the priority here, as I'm sure all the disgruntled or simply bewildered customers here would agree.

    It says it all doesn't it? Nothing useful offered, no indication of this issue being looked at, just the usual petty obstruction masquerading as 'moderation'.
  • Your post was awaiting moderation ... It's now been approved.

    The other thread was closed as it's not helpful to anyone having multiple threads on the same topic. As for getting a response, that'll need someone from Garmin and they tend to be fairly absent these days.
  • How to delete to useless Garmin locations

    I did not notice this yet but indeed, this is the most stupid thing ever!
    I even had to look up how to delete a location:

    Select Navigation > Saved Locations.
    Select a location.
    Select the location information at the top of the screen.
    Select the pen at the bottom of the screen
    Delete Location

    Since I bought my Garmin Edge 820 in March this year I must have had at least 3 updates and all of them only added support for exotic sensors/devices. No new functionality and no bugs resolved.
  • Well done, you've done it yet again!! What a bunch of useless idiots.

    Following the latest update, you've scrubbed all my data screens, and probably all sorts of other things that I'll be discovering over the coming weeks, such as 'timer start mode', 'auto pause', and of course the usual, essential saved locations of Garmin's offices in Taiwan, US etc. (each of which as I said in my original post requires 7 steps to delete.

    I'm done with this rubbish.
  • Just applied 8.40 update, same issue. Data screens wiped out, some other auto options timer start auto pause...
    Please allow at least for parameters backup since it's not possible to save a custom mode and Ride is only one available.
    From 820 forum it seems actually custom modes will not be reset...
  • I just can't believe that this is still happening. This is basic software design stuff - imagine a mobile phone resetting your screens each time an update is released .... You would be out of business.

    What this communicates to customers is total arrogance and lack of any respect in terms of setting software update effort priorities. It is the same mindset that causes paying customers to go elsewhere since they are clearly not valued.

    The same attitude applies when you (Garmin) can't be bothered to sort 'saved courses' into the order of proximity to the current location - just as my Edge 800 did years ago. Inconvenience rules...

    Why not make our Christmas and give us an update *without* messing up our devices next time, engineers??
  • Like everybody else, I was bugged by this issue of my data fields being reset after every update, although it's narked me less of late (must have got used to it). However, last night I plugged my Explore in to the laptop and received a fairly hefty update (hefty because it included mapping i think, as well as firmware), which took the best part of an hour to download and install. When the update finished, I fired up the unit to restore my data fields, only to discover that they hadn't been reset for once. That got me thinking; all of those previous updates have been done over the air, if my memory is correct, and this is the first time I've used Garmin Express and a laptop to update firmware. Could this be what prevented the data fields resetting?