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Garmin............leave my device alone!

What is it with software designers? They seem to think it's them that owns our devices, not the customer.

I downloaded the latest software update, and find find 2 things have happened. First, the usual with all my previous devices; you've added 3 Garmin HQ locations to my saved places. You think I'm going to cycle to Taiwan to visit your offices? Each location takes 7 clicks to delete. I DON'T WANT YOU PUTTING YOUR OFFICE LOCATIONS ON MY DEVICE. At least I'm used to this happening from previous devices.
As if that's not annoying enough, I then find that the update has changed all my customized data screens. More time wasted restoring them, and luckily I discovered this before I'd just set off on a ride.
There's a third thing actually. I made the mistake of reading the details of the update, and saw that there was nothing of interest or relevance to me, just some stuff about bike lights.

I can't believe it's not possible to provide customers with software updates that leave their settings intact, and not downloading updates is not an option due to nag screens if you don't.
  • Total incompetence from Garmin! They've done it again! I've now got to waste another 20 mins deleting locations such as Garmin Taiwan offices that have been placed in my saved locations, restoring all my custom data fields & so on. And all for some minor tweek to IQ. Useless, very poor customer support.
  • With fenix devices updates don't usually mess with settings or locations. Shame it happens with the Edge 820. There's a page here about backing up settings.

    There might be a possible workaround by saving settings before an update and then restoring them again after the update, and maybe Garmin forgot to tell everyone to do this...
  • I always updated thru PC & Garmin Express and always got data field and some parameters reset...
  • I always updated thru PC & Garmin Express and always got data field and some parameters reset...

    Me too.
  • I can't believe this has happened yet again FFS!!! Just done the latest software update, and I've lost all my data screens again, PLUS they've 'improved' the method of setting the fields so that it's even more difficult to change them back. 

    It's my device Garmin, leave it alone! Definitely never ever buying one of these again.

  • I have the Edge 820 - with similar problems. Solved it by downgrading to a previous firmware, then on restart when the device automatically downloads the latest firmware hitting the X to refuse the upgrade. Now restarts ignore the new firmware and are fast - as is the whole device.

    Not sure on how you'd do this for the Edge Explore - maybe its the same as the Edge 820... Anyway if you search for looigi's advice on this site for the Edge 820 you'll see detailed instructions. Previous firmware is available here: