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Join a route half way round.

If I download a route from, say, Kamoot, and I want to join the route at an intermediate point not at the start how do I do it?

All I can see is no option but to ride to the start of the route. Even then Explore 2 Buggered me up. I then had to start the navigation again at the start! Surely the device should continue me onto the route and take me round once I get to the beginning point.

Not ideal at all!

  • OFM maps:
    - (much) more map detail which gives you better reference to the environment while cycling, even when riding courses with Turn Guidance (TBT) ON
    - cycling routes like the "Fietsknooppunt routes" in the Netherlands and other cycling routes elsewhere are clearly distinguishable. While designing routes in Mapsource or Basecamp you can force preference for cycle routes by setting Avoid Toll Roads to ON in the routing preferences.
    - specially while riding 'free' without preloaded Course or Route calculated on the device the Garmin map is very poor because the different road / path types look alike very much (cycling roads, footways, bridleways) and main roads are rendered much too wide so nearby cycling roads and other ways are masked, which forces you to zoom in while riding. Very inconvenient.
    - update frequency weekly or monthly, Garmin GC (Europe) about yearly
    - not for everybody, but for people who actively maintain OpenStreetMap it is very fun to see the results of your work on the OFM the next week (or month) already. Satisfaction and feeling of 'good work man!' Smiley

  • thanks for the very detailed information... I'll definitly check'm out!