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Join a route half way round.

If I download a route from, say, Kamoot, and I want to join the route at an intermediate point not at the start how do I do it?

All I can see is no option but to ride to the start of the route. Even then Explore 2 Buggered me up. I then had to start the navigation again at the start! Surely the device should continue me onto the route and take me round once I get to the beginning point.

Not ideal at all!

  • An option is to make a waypoint (saved location) at the point where you want to join the route. Then let the EE2 calculate a route from your current location to the marked joining location & start cycling.
    Arrived at that point load the Komoot route (Course) and don't forget to NOT navigate to the start of the course (press X). The course will show up immediately because the guidance data are cached, independent of you are using Turn Guidance (TBT) or not.

  • When you start a route, it will ask you if to navigate to start, and if you choose not, the navigation won't be off, when you are on the route and it detects it, there should be a boxed message saying "Found Training Course" (or something of the same meaning).

  • OK, thanks. I’ll give it a go.

  • How do you imagine then to navigate to the - say halfway - joining point on the original Komoot Course? You suggest to load the Komoot Course and ignore the "Navigate to Start" option. Yes, this is allright, but then vRSG60 has to find a way to reach the planned joining point from the own starting point (home, hotel, etc.).
    There are two options - one is to use the map and determine how to ride to the joining point, which can be a bit difficult if you don't know the environment - the other is to mark on the EE2 the joining point at the Komoot Course as a waypoint (stored location) and let the EE2 calculate a route from the own starting point to the joining point. Once arrived there, load and activate the Komoot Course.

    The last option is what I proposed - a two-step approach.

  • Glad that you found a way to work it out! I just realized that I might have misunderstood. In my case, I already knew how to get to the route…

    Speaking of maps, I’d recommend a third party map for Garmin:
    It offers a lot more details than the original Garmin Cycle map.

  • Speaking of maps, I’d recommend a third party map for Garmin:
    It offers a lot more details than the original Garmin Cycle map.

    I fully agree with that! More download sites are (Europe countries) and (for most Garmin devices remember to choose the latin1 format).

  • Do you remove the original garmin maps? I only have 1.8GB free space on the device, not enough for the OFM I want :-(

  • On my EE2 the original Garmin maps take 12.1 GB. The OFM I use is a subset of the OFM Benelux and takes 1.33 GB. The EE2 has 493MB free.
    To answer your question - I never ran in the situation to be forced to make room for another map install. From my Edge Touring time I remember to have deleted (after backup!!!) the files of the original Garmin maps and replacing them by two versions of the OFM Benelux. No problem at all. So I advise you to backup the files of the original Garmin maps (East, West, Central and GC) and replace them by the OFM map file(s) you need. Note - you also can only delete one or more D*******A.img files, eventually also the gmapgc.img file, depending on how much space you need for your OFM map.
    If needed you can always delete the OFM map file(s) and restore the original Garmin map files from backup or re-install them using Garmin Express. As I see it, a low risk action.

  • thanks! the Benelux OFM map is ok, but the Germany map is huge... perhaps I can delete some of the maps with the Map Manager in Garmin Express as well... will check it out. Are the OFM maps that better? routing related etc...