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Brightness won’t go to real 0% on firmware 10.23

I have just updated to software version 10.23.

I tried to set it to 0% since it’s very bright outside. But it wouldn’t work if I try to set it using the swipe down widgets.

The icon was dragged to the very left but the backlight is still on.

The only way to set it is to go to Settings > Display > Brightness to manually do it:

I hope this tiny bug will be fixed soon!

  • I observed and reported in the recent concurrent 1040 beta that the backlight did not go to 0% until the Backlight Timeout limit was reached and if the user has “stays on” as you have then the backlight never goes fully off but remains with some minimum level. I had in the past used stays on and 0% as i thought the stays on in that case did not matter but I seemed to not understand Garmin logic? I have not observed the other issue with the slider but it might be related?

  • There has to be some issue with the slider. The only way to set it properly is to go to settings (with Timeout set to stays on).

    Besides this, I seem to find another problem with the slider. I’m using an Edge Explore 2 and in the previous software versions, it’s very easy to slide the slider (your finger can go a little bit higher or lower when controlling). But in this version, your finger has to stay completely within the line…

  • Strange... I'm on 10.23 too but have no issue with the brightness/slider... 0 = no brightness at all

  • Mine’s the same. Slider all the way left, backlight stays on (very dim). Go in to display settings and set to 0% and it goes completely off.

  • Not fixed in the new software 10.24