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Stuck at "Loading Courses and Locations

After an update via Garmin Express, my Edge Explore 2 won't start anymore. It's stuck at the "Loading Courses and Locations" screen.

All I can do is power of the device with a long press of the power button, but then it reboots into the exact same state.

I followed the instructions from another thread: starting the device in USB mode and then deleting any files from the NewFiles folder, however this folder was already empty.


  • Hi, there are instructions here to completely reset an Edge device: How to Format and Master Reset your Garmin Edge – Coach Gilberto Cortez

    The idea is to reformat it (so all files are removed) and then the device will rebuild itself (from a non-writable part of the firmware). Then you may need to update over USB with Garmin Express. It should then work again.

  • Thanks.... just got an e-mail from Garmin support suggesting the same.

  • Hi Can you tell us more about what they suggest exactly? Would be interesting to know if there are specifics with the Explore 2. I know that reformatting it is important to rebuild the MBR, etc. Do they provide you with exact steps? Thanks!

  • Well the answer is in Dutch.... here the English translation by Google translate:

    We recommend that you force and format your Edge into mass storage mode:

    Force mass storage mode :

    To force an Edge to enter mass storage mode, follow the steps below:

    Disconnect the device from the computer
    Turn off the device
    Press and hold the correct button:
    Edge Explore 2 : LAP/RESET
    Connect the device to your computer
    Wait for the device to be recognized by the computer (this can take up to 30 seconds)
    Release the button(s).

    Afterwards your computer will recognize the device as an external hard drive, and you can delete any GPX file in the folder Garmin > Courses & in the folder Garmin > New Files via the Finder (for Mac computers), or via Windows Explorer (Windows computers).

    If this does not solve the problem, we recommend that you format the device, following the procedure below:

    Format device :

    NOTE: Only run on a WINDOWS computer and not on a Mac.

    Before you start formatting the device, you should save the basemap to the computer.

    Pair your device with the computer
    Simultaneously press the 'Windows' and 'E' keys
    Open the Garmin drive
    Open the Garmin folder
    Copy or drag the gmapbmap.img file to the desktop
    After the basemap has been saved you can format the device:

    Warning: Make sure it is your Garmin device and not another drive. If in doubt, do not proceed with formatting.

    Simultaneously press the 'Windows' and 'E' keys
    Right-click on the Garmin drive
    Click Format
    Uncheck 'Quick Format'
    Make sure the File System is FAT32
    Make sure GARMIN is listed as Volume Name
    This process will take several minutes. When this is successfully completed, you can restore the basemap back to the device.

    If necessary, create a 'Garmin' folder on the Garmin drive
    Drag the gmapbmap.img file from the desktop into the Garmin folder
    Disconnect your device from the computer and turn it off

    Connect the device back to the computer, and run the offered updates with the latest version of Garmin Express

  • Thank you very much for sharing the process, we now know that it is very similar to what was published for the Edge 510, and it is nice to see confirmation from Garmin. I know that one key thing is to use ‘Master Boot Record’ for partition scheme. Although they say not to do it on a Mac (allegedly because the Mac tool does not specifically restore the MBR), one user succeeded here: (+) Accidentally formatted my garmin edge 520 in "ExFAT", but now I reformed in a WINDOWS on FAT32 - Edge 520/520 Plus - Cycling - Garmin Forums and he points out the importance of the MBR option (as seen in other threads as well).

    Additionally, I find it curious that the base map has to backed up and that it is not restored with Garmin Express. Anyhow I would back up all files before doing the complete reset anyway.

    PS: in case you need a basemap, this thread contains a link to that file: "failed to get basemap version" in loading screen - Edge 1040 Series - Cycling - Garmin Forums