Cannot Clear "E Bike battery low" warning

I have an ebike with a Mahle ebikemotion x35+ system and a range extender battery. If either of these batteries drops to a low level a pop-up appears saying the battery is low (can't remember the exact words)

The pop-up can be cleared but it immediately re-appears. There does not appear to be a limit on the number of times this loop can repeat. Switching off the ebike or switching off and disconnecting range extender battery or both makes no difference - the pop-up re-appears. Through some rapid finger action it is just possible to stop the ride and save it. Then switching off the Edge Explore 2 and re-starting it clears the error message, although it will re-appear if the low battery state still exists.

A very annoying state of affairs...

1. This pop-up renders the unit useless when riding as it blocks the bottom of the screen, preventing access to the menu and disables the swipe left and right 

2. The whole point of the range extender battery is that it empties first to maintain the level in the main battery...

3. Its a redundant alert as the device displays remaining range

(All devices have the latest firmware)

Anyone know how to disable battery alerts? or know of a workaround.