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Pairing Forerunner 255 with Explore 2


I have a question about combining Garmin Explore 2 with Forerunner 255.

Is it possible to connect these devices somehow?

By clicking start on Explore 2 and cycling on Forerunner 255 I got "two" activities in the Garmin connect app and a recovery time of 94h (102 kg / 174 cm - Almost three hours of riding in the yellow zone). Isn't that too long? HRV all the time in the green zone.

I was able to make the Forerunner send my heart rate to the Garmin Explore 2, and it is working now.

How to use such a connection so as not to duplicate activities?

Use activities only on the watch? When explore 2 doesn't start, it pops up a message all the time to start a ride (bottom right button).

I am new to the ecosystem - this is my first two devices bought at the same time, so I will be very grateful for information on how to use it properly.


Okay - I understood that I can use the watch to transmit my heart rate to Explore 2 without starting the activity.

If I use Explore 2 to record a ride, will the recovery data go to my watch by syncing Explore 2 and Forerunner 255 with Garmin Connect?

Will the activity from Explore 2 show up on the watch after syncing?

If I add a made up activity in the garmin connect app it shows up in the watch, so I understand that the app should have no problem sending recovery time and riding activity from the garmin explore to the watch, right?

How should I use it properly?