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Are you happy with the Explore 2?

Bought it a few days ago but just had one ride because it’s winter. Can you all please tell me how is the battery life on the device ? Do you miss something? Still unsure if I should switch to the 1040 for longer battery life and screen size. Everything else is probably overkill for me

  • What extra data did the T7 record ?

  • The 1040 is for training data and multi-day rides. It also has a larger screen. The explore 2s great for recording rides, and downloading courses.  The explore 1 had a much smaller battery and lacked temperature info. For that one I bought a tempe I'm very happy with my new explore 2.

  • I have been using the first version of the Explore for 7 years without any great issues. However, the battery is dying and there's no way to replace the battery.  I've bought myself a shiny new Explore 2. This is a substantial downgrade.

    - Does not work with MacOS (Ventura)
    - Unable to transfer data from BaseCamp
    - Unable to delete the default waypoints that came with the device
    - Unable to transfer my preferred maps using MapInstall
    - ...and the list goes on.

    What a miserable experience.  As a Mac owner, the Explore is simply unusable.

  • This is ridiculous, I'm just coming from 830 which worked great lately, no bugs, sync was fast. And I bought EE2, model which is nearly one year old already and still has many bugs. Sync is slugish and slow, komoot is waaay slower than in 830.
    And these are not EE2 problems, these problems plague 1040 owners as well. It's software which is buggy as *** and not tested sufficiently.

    It is times that device is fully usable and we can be happy with it when it is already obsolete (2 years after it was introduced) and there are newer devices on the market!