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Please add shifting sensor support

I do not understand why the Edge Explore 2 does not support shifting sensors. With Di2 and ETAP so widely used this seems a crazy omission.

Garmin, please add shifting sensor support.

  • 100%.

    And if it happens, allow Di2 hood buttons to control swipe down/up (widget view).

  • Please Garmin. This is a very important feature for me

  • I also wish Garmin would stop playing these unsupported stuff games.

    Or, at least, provide a clear supported/unsupported matrix for their devices.

    It so time consuming to google or go through user manuals of each particular product to see whether it does or does not support this or that kind of external ANT/BT sensor.

    Every device supports different sets of sensors, and it is often not clear even when reading the user manual.

    As for the Explore 2, I also believe it should support electronic shifting integration. With SRAM Rival and Shimano 105 being affordable electronic shifting platforms today, more and more bikes is using electronic shifting, and users want to see those statistics.

    Also, if I understand it correctly, even if a Garmin device supports electronic shifting, the Garmin Connect app only displays that data from Shimano Di2, and not for SRAM AXS. This is also not an easy information to find, and most of all, it makes no sense.

  • It’s a money grab. If you put all these features into the explore 2, nobody buys a 1040. That’s the product line. 

  • Innovation should not be done by turning off the feature that already exists. Perhaps the best thing to do is to stay away from companies that sell this policy. I regretted buying the device and was disappointed.

  • You are probably right but you do expect different models from the same company to have different features.

    What annoyed me was that I have shifting sensor support on my Garmin 530 plus and so assumed the feature would be present on the Explore 2. I accept that the 1000 series will have more functionality but I am not interested in all the training functions. I am just a recreational cyclist who has never owned a trainer or a power meter. I like the features of the Explore 2 which appears to be aimed at cycle touring rather than cyclists who are more interested in competitive cycling or fitness goals. So why does the Explore support power meters but not shifting sensors? Makes no sense to me.

  • I don't need the training features, but I want to see the gear and battery information because I'm on tour. if this device is for touring cyclists. there is something wrong with this system.

  • Non ha proprio senso anche chi l ha venduto mi ha detto che era compatibile.

  • Yes, please. It would be good to have AXS on the Edge Explore 2. I currently also have a Tactix 7 so it's weird to have more stuff on that one than an actual cycling computer.