Touch screen is unresponsive at times.

On occasion, I find the touch screen won't respond for a period of time while on a ride.  It won't swipe between data/map screens, zoom buttons don't work, can't pan, and can't bring up the home screen frame.  If I wait, perhaps for 20 seconds, it'll start working again.

Ver 9.29, recording HR, Cadence, and Speed sensors.  Not navigating. Map displayed. ClimbPro off.

  • Yep - this new update messed up a lot.

  • It may be the new rev.  I'm not sure it didn't happen with previous revs because I had only done MTB rides with it and generally don't mess with it while riding.  I only fiddle with it while riding road or gravel.

  • I get the same when using both buttons and touchscreen. Timers, etc stop running and takes about 5 seconds to move to next page.

  • yes i have the same issue, sometimes the whole unit is painfully lagging, mostly when i navigating (besides climbpro On , segments on and Bluetooth on) . i am really waiting for a new main firmware revision because they (Garmin) didnt fix any reported bugs (by me or others) from the previous versions since releasing...

  • I was wondering whether it was an intermittent hardware issue with just my unit, or a firmware issue.  If you and others are seeing this, that suggests to me it's a firmware issue.  I haven't run into it while sitting still changing settings or doing other things with the device, but so far, only while riding.  A common thing is it'll be on the map screen, I try to swipe to get to a data page and it will bring up the frame around the map to go back to the home screen. I dismiss that, try again, and get it again.  I try swiping faster/slower full screen/partial screen and all I can get is that frame.

  • Has anybody else been experiencing this?  I've been in contact with Garmin support on this and they have offered to replace my unit.  If it's not a hardware problem unique to my unit that would be solved by doing that, I'd rather not.

  • Yes this happened to me during a race this weekend (840 solar). It is dangerous because you end up taking your eyes off the road for too long trying to figure it out. Buttons behave the same way. Frustrations trying to read the climbpro data and swipe back to the map, unit nonresponsive. multiple climbpro screens are confusing AF.

  • known bug since month(s), i hope , in the next beta it will be fixed (it needs higher priority for screen than other processes in the background, so simple code optimization)

  • Yep.  I'm still experiencing this.  So far, it seems to only happen on the map screen (either Navigating or not Navigating). I try to swipe to a data screen and it won't go.  Sometimes the STOP NAVIGATION frame will come up instead.  I can't dismiss that and have to wait for it to go away itself.  If I wait a bit, maybe 10-15 sec, it'll start responding normally.

  • I notice this to happen mostly when passing through the map screen, but sometimes it happens even when resuming from pause or when there's a course loaded and the device begins to lag for some seconds and is unresponsive to commands.