Edge 840 vs 830 today

Would you still buy an Edge 830 (new, from official dealer) today if it were 20-25% cheaper than the non-solar Edge 840 (also new, from official dealer)?

  • UPDATE: Got the 840, mounting tabs are solid (no wiggle), and I quite like it (only one test ride so far). But I'm a bit confused by the display. It was supposed to be the same as the 830 (I have the regular non-solar 840), but somehow it's less glossy, colors seem a bit more washed out (comparing them with the backlight on). When turned off, the 830 screen is dark (almost black), while the 840 screen is much lighter. That's one aspect where I preferred the 840, tbh

  • Yes, I've noticed the screen differences you mention on some youtube videos or pictures. Eventhough they are exactly the same size and resolution, the x30´s seems to have more vibrant colors and a brighter backlight than the x40's. Please do update us on how you get on with the 840 after a few weeks of using it, Cheers!

  • Neither. Garmin firmware is notoriously bad and they fail to correct bugs (sensor disconnect for example) that they introduce during the products  lifetime.

  • As I am on my third 830+ due to errors in the gradient reading, something I use a lot, I'd be more concerned about whether the hardware issues surrounding that and elevation inaccuracy have been addressed. My friends with 1030 don't have these problems, but they seem to plague the 530/830.