Edge 830 Power and Cadence Sensors Repeatedly Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Newest firmware 9.75 installed but the cadence and power sensors are repeatedly connecting and disconnecting. The HRM and rear Garmin radar are stable. I disconnected  and re-paired both cadence and power and no better. I tried new batteries in both and no better. This just started on June 14 and has been a nuisance for three rides now.

  • I can confirm that my ANT+ powermeter, my ANT+ cadence sensor and my spearated ANT+ spped sensor are regulary dropped by my Edge 530. Interestingly my ANT+ HR strap are not.

    Since the distance and the angles between the dropped sensors and 530 differ  (notably speed sensor is on my first wheel, cadence sensor is where it is its normal position and my powermeter is a rear hub based), so the sensors must not blamed. Just Edge 530.

    Since 830 and 530 share their sw, I guess there are a substantial people involved in this bug, and contrary to that Garmin gave up to find the reason behind. FO.

  • this is something I realized with my bike, built in cadence, speed, power, ant+, all kept disconnecting, also include my hrm dual in ant+ giving inaccurate data.

  • I am a little late on this thread but same issue here, I had Assioma before and they stopped working with Garmin, power was way too high. Originally had 4iiii metre which I have now reverted back to as cannot afford more pedals and cranks over the last 2 weeks. Every time I ride the power metre drops every 10 secs then finds it again. I am on firmware 9.8. 

    When I read most of the posts there is lots of comments but nothing from Garmin.

    Any suggestions, replaced batteries, factory rest of cranks, recalibrate every ride? Help

  • I mean I have replaced batteries, reset the cranks and I recalibrate every ride