Edge 830 Power and Cadence Sensors Repeatedly Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Newest firmware 9.75 installed but the cadence and power sensors are repeatedly connecting and disconnecting. The HRM and rear Garmin radar are stable. I disconnected  and re-paired both cadence and power and no better. I tried new batteries in both and no better. This just started on June 14 and has been a nuisance for three rides now.

  • Sensor disconnect was introduced in a firmware update a few years ago. This is a known problem that Garmin either does not care about or their programmers are unable to correct.

  • I had this once. For me it helped to force-shutdown the Edge (hold the power button some seconds until the shutdown request appears and touch it). Since then, they work fine again.

    There currently is also a Beta firmware that should fix some sensor disconnect issues. 

  • Got the same. Speed sensor 2 and Cadence sensor disconnect and reconnects every few minutes. 

  • had the same issue today. Again... Both the power meter (Power2Max NG) and also the HR sensor got disconnected. After waiting 2-3 minutes connections remained disconnected, therefore I had to stop during the ride and reset the devide which solved the issue (pressing power button for ~10 secs). Really, really annoying. Also had a spontaneous power off / power on today, during the ride...

    Next week I'll have an MTB race but I think I won't use this device, it is simply not reliable. Disappointed

  • I had exactly the same problem year ago (don't remember the version I've updated to) and I'm checking this forum every now and then if new firmware fixes it. Looks like 9.75 still doesn't. The ultimate solution is to downgrade to 7.10 and this worked like a charm to me. I don't care for fancy new things if basic functions are screwed up in new releases.

  • I found the fix for my power sensor issue. I had to place a copper washer between the batteries in the left pedal sensor (the left one connects to the Edge and the right one seems to connect to the left). It was #10 copper burr. By doing that it increased the spread on the batteries against the contacts and for three rides now I have had zero drops.


    Some history:

    I tried to isolate the cause of the drops between the pedal transmitting versus the Edge receiving. I wore my Fenix 6X and saw that both the Edge and watch had power drops at the same time. That pointed to a pedal transmission issue. When I first bought the Vector 3 pedals back in 2020 I kept having power drops from the right pedal only. Back then I placed a copper spacer in the right to increase the contact pressure and that solved the problem. From my understanding the Right pedal communicates to the Left pedal and the Left communicates to the Edge. In my recent problems ALL power data was dropping so that led my to think it might be the left pedal failing to transmit. Even though it had worked fine for three years I thought perhaps the battery contacts were getting worn or loose so tried the copper spacer on the left pedal too. It worked!

  • Hi, did you ever contact Garmin to receive the updated battery holder/caps? My understanding is that Garmin was providing replacements for the Vector 3 and early Rally versions, with redesigned caps to fix a number of issues including malfunction, leakage, and cap loss. At the same time I believe they also switched to recommending the use of single 2L76 (1/3n) batteries instead of 2x LR44 in each pedal.

    Adding spacers inside the pedal should definitely not be required and I'd worry it will eventually lead to other problems (such as broken electrical contact tabs). It seems to me that your caps should be replaced with the new design from Garmin. Hope that helps, cheers

  • I have had this problem for a long time now.  Both speed and cadence reconnecting.  Interesting, I have never seen the HR sensor drop out.  I normally use a Wahoo ticker 2 ( arm band).  What I find a bigger problem is occasionally my cadence sensor stops showing any data, even though it says it is connected.  Takes several minutes to resume showing any data.

  • The disconnects were introduced in 8.0. I went back to 7.1 a couple of years ago and things worked with no further issues. A couple of months ago I decided to try the beta. Dropouts returned as well as auto reboots. I just went back to 7.1 a few days ago. 

    Edit: Four months later: Still on 7.1 and dropout free.

  • I had this problem and it took a while to figure out. It seems that, at least on my bike, when the speed sensor battery drops to around 2.9V it starts trying to pair with my iPhone via bluetooth. This causes the speed sensor etc to keep dropping out and then be found again. Replacing the battery, disabling bluetooth on the speed sensor and forcing the iPhone to forget the device clears up the problem. Symptoms will recommence when the battery again starts to go flat and the speed sensor once again starts trying to connect via bluetooth.