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Reboot during activity with loss of training status data

Hi all,

In the last two weeks, my Garmin Edge 830 did a reboot during my activity.

My biggest frustration with this issue, is that my training status not correct due to the reboot. In an activity of 150km and 126km, my device did a reboot, and based on the training & nutrician data, the device forgot all data from pre-reboot and only registered the data after the reboot. Any other data like heart rate, cadance, power, ... is not affacted. However what I could notice is that my altitude took a big upstep actually, and I was not climbing at all. See the picture below.

My device is according to Garmin Express on the latest FW (9.40) and I'm on European maps.

Anyone faces the same issue and has a fix for this?

  • Same problem here. My Edge 830 (9.40) rebooted during my ride on Friday. Training effect and load of the ride only included the part after the reboot although HR, power and cadence fields are accurate for the entire ride. I also received a totally unrealistic new FTP detected notification (1600W). 

  • Also with me, but only on an outdoor ride with GPS and with navigation active. It hasn't happened indoors and also not outdoors without navigation.

    I wonder if navigation is to blame?

    (Latest f/w. Australian maps)

  • Same problem with me. I lost my data after 3.5 hours of activity :-/ SW 9.4, Varia 515, Stages power meter, HR strap.

  • This has always been the case, unfortunately.

  • Hi.  I have the same issue with my 830.  Its long out of warranty and started rebooting in activity c12 months ago.  Garmin offered a refurb unit but at a $ cost but I'm worried I end up with the same problem just with my wallet lighter.  This issue seems to be quite prevalent.Anyone found a solution?  

  • Experienced similar behaviour this weekend with Firmware 9.50. (I have not had this before 9.50).

    While navigating towards the start of a course, Garmin was pushing me to take shortest path but I kept ignoring him.

    After about 10 Km I had the reboot happening. 

  • I’ve found that “Navigating to the Start” function on 5 series devices has always been unpredictable and is best avoided. If you need to navigate to the start, either set a separate course to get there or set the start point as a destination and use the “Navigate to Destination” function. It may not be the cause of the rebooting but might help.

  • Same to me twice during two different activities. Garmin 830 (9.50), freeze and it rebooted Sweat

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