5.00 Turn by Turn guidance


Another disappointed course, again the new update bring not a solution on the "TbT guidance" issue !

I really can't understand that Garmin don't resolve this problem, knowing that the same happened with the 820 !?

To be correct I have to say about the same issue as the Egde 820, at last that unit work's correctly for some 40 Km, with the 830 it could be after 5Km or it didn't work at all with immediately, the distance to end and a street here neighborhood irremovable at the top of the screen for all the ride !

Anyway, some update resolve it, why can this be transposed on the newest machine ?

Another thing that made me thinking, this forum is full of other questions and asking's for other stuff than where a GPS is made for: guidance!!!  This made me asking myself, am I alone with this real problem? Other ways there is something happened with my unit and I have to return it.

So the question of this post : who can use an Edge 830 with a correct Turn by Turn guidance for a ride from 50 Km (or more?) ???