Edge 830 screen affected by rain

Went for my first ride in proper rain since acquiring my Edge 830 and spent a very frustrating ride where the water droplets on the screen either from the rain or dripping from me were affecting the screen. Variously changing the visible screen, it also changed the map zoom but most alarmingly it "pressed" the cancel ride button and I was lucky not to lose the ride. Made for a most frustrating ride having to stop several times to either change the screen or very carefully cancel the "cancel ride" instruction. Anyone else having this issue and especially does anyone have any idea how to stop this from happening? If it is a design fault I think I will be looking to return this to Garmin!

  • Locking the screen because it’s raining or the screen is wet it could be a solution. But, again, this is a proof that Garmin is aware of the bad quality screen and give us stupid solutions that are unacceptable for the product price.

  • Until now I had not used the Edge 830 in the rain. But I would lock the screen. To swipe the screen I have the garmin remote which was includet in the MTB Bundle.

  •  I had garmin edge 810 from 2013 to 2020 when it died bought 830 great navigation and good battery life but even with screen locked misbehaves if it rains heavily, randomly trigger multiple functions ie sending alarm calls, changing settings with screen locked only solution is to turn device off and loose ride

    a real design fault in the touch screen that Garmin have not addressed

  • had my first ride in the rain today and watched as the Garmin 830 went wild - switching between screens, flicking intensely and ultimately just seizing to switch between screens at all - even with the screen locked. The 810 was far superior in that regard - never had any issues in the rain. Am I supposed to just stay at home when it's raining and I'm unlucky enough to have spent money on a 830?

  • Known issue. The E800 and 810 used a resistive touch screen whicjh relies on presuure through a membrane which is scanned by the software to work out what is being pressed. E820 onwards use a phone style capacitive touchscreen . The software is looking for capacitive effect  close to the screen detected by scanning a charge effect. The capcitive contribution is intended to be generateby the water  the users finger but of course rain has exactly the same result and sweat is also a problem, phone touchscreens don't work in the rain either and the physics is obvious. Garmin attempt to work around it by analysing  the  capacitive loading patterns over a short time and eliminating the parts that don't match expected user patterns however it is impossible to see any user activit when there is a flood of water on the display and even where ther isnt, the software seems to get it wrong and I'm not convinced it is possible to get it usefully right even with perfect algorithms.

    For resistive screens, water have no affect as doesn't cause enough pressure, I guess there may be false presses if caught in a hail storm but it would be based on force on the screen when hit by the precipitation, The press affec imediately disappears and a wet screen is no problem.

    I did notice soe users had complained about hte E810 and E800 as being to slow, too hard to press  etc. which is why Garmin mover to capacitive whickh is touch and not press. I think any of us not in California or Spain just prefer reliabitity in the wet.

    Garmin have given up relying on touch screen for the E840 and introduces more hard buttons to allow the touch screen to be disabled. I have an 830 and generally disable the touch screen (pres the power button when recording an activity) in cycle computer screen and rely on the auto switch to map for turns. Of course Garmiin miiss some of those (not blaming them for that - down to mapping data) but the off course warning pops up with 100 meters.

  • Remember, the Remote is a good option cycle through screens without touching the Edge.  Although I have a 530, I rely solely on the remote during my rides, I never touch the buttons.  So much easier to use the remote.

  • Can also do it with Di2 buttons on the hoods. Can even select specific screens with combinations of single press, double press and long press. Mine are coded so a long press on the left brings up the map, and a long press on the right brings up elevation. Single press just switches screen left or right.