Trailforks Integration

I have just replaced my old faithful edge 800 for the new 830.

I only do mountain biking and was attracted to the new trailforks features.

So far after about 5 rides I am very frustrated with it. 

First problem is that as soon as you are in a trail network, the only information you can see on the map is the trailforks map, there is no way you can see the normal map unless you go through all the settings and turn off the trailforks map.  Some on here are saying that if you zoom out a little the garmin map appears,  mine doesn't. 

But by far most infuriating thing is that the forksight feature, doesn't just come when you are at the trail head, it comes on every time you stop. It then zooms the map out, so that when you start riding again you have to zoom right in again, and also what must be a bug is the map doesn't track up anymore.

The only way I have found to get it tracking up again, is to swipe off the map screen and then swipe back to it and it resets it's self. But if you stop riding again for any reason, you have to do it all again, this can't be right,  can it?

So far my old 800 is a much more useful navigation device.

Garmin support, are you aware of these issues?

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