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Training Load focus shows on my Edge 530 but not on the Connect App

I can see my load focus on my Edge 530 itself but it does not show on either the Connect app or Connect website (via reports etc). Why would this be?

  • Did this ever get resolved? I have the same issue. 

  • I also have the same issue. It’s pretty frustrating.

  • I’ve just picked up a fenix 6X Pro and the Load Focus is now showing up in Garmin Connect

  • I should add and say that Load Focus is showing for BOTH the Edge 530 and fenix 6x Pro once I added the fenix, quite odd, but there you go.

  • I have the exact same issue, but are you telling me that I need to get rid of/upgrade from my FR935 to get this working? That would really suck now when no FR955 was released, but some 945 with LTE functions that I have no use for...

  • Same issue, all I have is Edge 530 and I can see Load Focus on the device but not in the Garmin Connect mobile app or on the GC website. Several threads on this issue on here but none have a solution.

  • Well, I’m not telling you that you “have” to spend the money as I believe this should work without it,  never really said any more about the issue, however it does seem to be a common experience that the watch is needed for some reason. I can’t recall without reading back through the thread if there were people that “only” had a 530 and had it working although I’m fairly sure there are, which is what makes this strange.

    So I guess you have 3 options, report it as a bug, upgrade your watch or just live with it. Hopefully Matthew might respond here to give you some advice.

  • Hi, I only have an Edge 530, no other devices.

    I went through several threads on here about this, and all of them seem to be about Edge 530 owners. I couldn't find mention of other devices not showing Load Focus on the Connect app or website. The only mentions I found of it working for Edge 530 owners are those who have more than one device, so it seems it only works because of the other non-530 device.

    But I'm not going to buy another device just so I can see the data properly from the one I already have! The problem seems to be in the app/web side and nothing to do with the Edge 530 itself.

    Garmin has a support ticket from me now on this (but I'm not holding my breath).

  • Same here with a combination of FR245 (1st device) & Edge 530 (subsequently added), Load Focus only shows up on the Edge and not on GC (Android/Web). 

    Not a big deal to me but I'm interested in Garmin's feedback on your ticket (if any). 

  • I had a replacement 530 from Garmin but it still didn't fix the problem. Definitely a problem specifically for the 530 on the GC app/website. I've got friends with the same problem. We've all given up and read this data purely from the device itself.