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Training Load focus shows on my Edge 530 but not on the Connect App

I can see my load focus on my Edge 530 itself but it does not show on either the Connect app or Connect website (via reports etc). Why would this be?

  • Kurev,

    The Training Status reports in the app separately for each device. If you are running an older watch, you won't see Load Focus under that device (it didn't show while I was still using my Fenix 5) - I don't know whether this applies to the 645.

    However, if I switched to looking at the Training Status for the Edge 530, I could see the Load Focus.

    I can switch devices by clicking on the Edge 530 wording in my screenshot above.

  • Although I have previously had an Edge 500 and 510 registered to my account, they have both been deleted. The only device I have is the 530 and don’t see the Load Focus anywhere

  • Pretty much same for me. I do have a 520 registered still but can't select between that and the 530 in the app.

  • I thought maybe this was an Android v iOS issue, so deleted the pairing from my S9 and paired the 530 to my iPad (already had GCM installed) no difference, can’t see Training Load, just Training Status.

    Are you running Beta firmware on the Edge or GCM?

  • Interesting, when I look at Performance Stats > Training Status I see the status as “Productive” and only 2 options below that

    - VO2 Max

    - 7-day Training Load

    If I click on HELP it lists those two options, but also Load Focus, Altitude Acclimation and Heat Acclimation but none of those show in the list of stats. Do you also see Heat and Altitude data along with Load Focus?

  • Yeah I'd thought the same but that wouldn't explain why it wasn't showing on the website either.

    Yes I've been running the beta firmware in the last few weeks but I wouldn't have expected this to affect the website or app. Never spotted this before using the beta either btw.

  • I don't see those either in the performance stats section. I can see altitude and heat acclimatisation in the reports on the website.

  • Oh, hang on, I’m getting mixed up here, started to think you DID have it working but that’s the other guy!

    Strange! I’m still on Edge 5.10 firmware.

    Would be nice if Garmin had a comment or suggestion...

  • Nope, I started the thread because I didn't have it working!

  • It shows up on my mobile IOS app under training status. App version is