How do I set-up GARMIN 530 Shifting sensor to work with Sram Eagle AXS 1x12

When I add the sensor I am not able set correct gearing to 1x12. It doesn't let me to set only 1 chainring nor 12speed cassette.

  • I would suggest selecting a front chain ring where the outer ring matches what you have on your 1X or create a custom chain ring set with both rings being the same size.

    What build do you have on the unit?

    I see 3 Gear Presets for 12 speed




  • Well, maybe not the best answer, but I had no problem at all with this... se photo  (Forreste = front ring & Bageste= Cassette)  I think the trick is to use "user defined" for the front ring and cassette, and enter the number of rings front and rear...