Indoor Workouts With Trainer Resistance Control

I do have a workout (30 x (1min @ 120% FTP, 30s rest) - yes my coach has sadistic tendencies) that I would love to run in resistance mode on my trainer. ERG mode is a bit slow to catch up for the 1min intervals so I adjust my power output using gears and cadence.

I tried creating a simple workout in Garmin Connect that simply triggers the laps as prescribed, however, each time a lap is triggered the Edge resets my previously chosen resistance to the default value which is the lowest available. Unless somebody has an idea how to prevent resetting the trainer resistance I am stuck at either pressing the lap button manually or recording the session on my Fenix 5+ which doesn't speak FE-C. I guess a third option would be to set the resistance and then disconnect the trainer - clumsy as well.

Any ideas on how to get lap triggers for prescribed interval times without messing with the trainer's resistance?