Do you use gpx files in Navigation\Courses, or ConnectIQ\Strava Routes? pros/cons?

Per subject.  Whats the best way to get the most out of my Edge 530?  - without paying for Strava Summit

I seem to be able to download gpx files from the net (eg from TDU, or My Cycling Routes at, then connect the Edge 530 to laptop via USB, enter mass storage mode and drop the gpx files into the NewFiles folder. 

Then the files appear in Settings\Navigation\Courses.

Alternatively I can make a new route at My Cycling Routes at, and if I star the route it'll download to the Edge 530 and I can find it via ConnectIQ\Strava Routes.

Which is best and why, or are there better ways to get the most out of the Edge 530?  Thanks :)

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