Do you use gpx files in Navigation\Courses, or ConnectIQ\Strava Routes? pros/cons?

Per subject.  Whats the best way to get the most out of my Edge 530?  - without paying for Strava Summit

I seem to be able to download gpx files from the net (eg from TDU, or My Cycling Routes at, then connect the Edge 530 to laptop via USB, enter mass storage mode and drop the gpx files into the NewFiles folder. 

Then the files appear in Settings\Navigation\Courses.

Alternatively I can make a new route at My Cycling Routes at, and if I star the route it'll download to the Edge 530 and I can find it via ConnectIQ\Strava Routes.

Which is best and why, or are there better ways to get the most out of the Edge 530?  Thanks :)

  • If you are talking about navigation, gpx is fine. 

    It doesn’t matter what route planner you use. 

    Strava gives you segments (where you can compete with other people).

  • I think the 2 methods you've chosen work well.  You can also make courses with Garmin Connect website (GC Dashboard - select "Training" from menu on left of screen - select "courses" - select "create a course") that can then feed to your Edge via the mobile app bluetooth connection.  

  • I prefer to do my planning in komoot which does come with a super nice CIQ app (much better than Strava's) so you might want to check it out. Unfortunately the way Garmin setup things I won't be getting Strava Live Segments on routes loaded from komoot (works just fine on Wahoo devices, why Garmin, why?) so my workaround for now is to export the gpx from komoot and import things into Strava and import the route via the Strava CIQ app which will give me Live Segments.

    In your case I strongly suggest collecting all your routes in a system that allows at least some form of non-wired communication to the Edge. If you don't want to pay for a service you might as well use (the web version) of Garmin Connect. It will eat up third party gpx files quite nicely and syncs fine with the Edge.