Edge 530 & Indoor Trainer ( Elite Qubo Digital B+ ) + 4iii Power meter / Workout Created Power Zones


my Elite Qubo is connected as indoor trainer on my 530 ( ANT + )

my 4iii precision power meter is connected to my 530 ( ANT + )

also my HR BT is connected to the 530

I created a workout on connect, with some steps like 5 minutes between 130W - 160W as a warm up

When I select this workout via Settings / Training / Indoor Trainer / Workout / My Workout , it starts .. the level meter starts to move, but pedalling is really hard and is incorrect.... 

It seems the resistance from my Elite is too hard and does not change based on the power I'm pedalilling ..

If i disconnect my 4iii power meter and run solely with the Elite same thing happens..

Does anybody got this to work ? 

Any tips to get this to work ?

And if both the powermeter and elite is connected ? Which power meter will be taken in acount if I run a workout based on power  ? The 4iii is more precise than my elite, so I prefer to use my 4iii and let the resistance be controlled by the Elite


  • Hi,

    This power match function is not possible with none of the Garmin units. You can do it only in TrainerRoad or in Zwift or similar apps. So the Edge controls only your indoor trainer resistance, based on its power numbers (and ignores any other bike power meter even if it is paired as power meter sensor)

    You can rewrite (reprogram) the Qubo's power curve with 4iiii's power numbers in the myEtraining app advanced menu (there is option for normal spindown calibration also) for better accuracy




  • I have indeed calibrated my qubo via myetraining. Values were synched ok with my qubo.. but still get strange figures in rouvy and zwift. So i tought it would be nice just to ride a workout based on power zones with my edge ( sure i can create workouts in rouvy and elite ... )

  • Andras, whqt do you mean with : normal spindown calibration ?

    I see in the myetraining app also ; Power Meter link ? What's this. Sorry this has nothing to do with garmin edge, I know

    I have my 4iiii power meter added by the sensors in the myetraining ( and like I said, a calibration has been done, but I'm not fully satisfied )


  • the normal spindown calibration is when You need to accelerate the trainer to a given speed (the app says) and after need to stop pedaling and the trainer brakes itself and compute its inner resistance. it needs for the power "measuring" . I dont know the Qubo personally, if it needs it or not (some Elite trainers dont need this type of calibration), if needs usually it needs before every training or weekly to get "accurate" power numbers and normal resistance. Even the Drivo, Direto models need this type of calibration weekly (and these have optical torque sensor inbuilt for precise measuring)

    the other type of calibration (what is in the youtube video) with some Elite trainer is the power curve reprogramming with a bike powermeter, adjusting the P1,P2,P3 numbers (these numbers are a  given point on the power curve) with this myEtraining app, it needs to do once and after its power meausuring will be much accurate as the original was.

    Did You try to install the Upgrado app onto your mobile? it is an app for firmware upgrades for Elite models.  

    As i read, your Qubo is stucking in a resistance and doesnt change it, am i right? what is important , You must close all other apps which are able to control the Qubo because if an app is running in background, the other app is cant control the trainer or will work weird . 

  • Hello

    no my trainer is not stuck in resistance...

    i have calibrated and wrote the new values. But still infind then very different when comparing to my powermeter on the garmin.

    i did an interval test in myetraining yesterday. 120w - 160w.  The faster i cycle, the greater the power is incorrect compared to the powermeter . 

    ex 120w level  20 km/h  on elite : on edge with ext meter is 140 W

    ex 160w level 18 km/h on elite : on edge 178 W 

    the slower i cycle the better it gets

    120w on elite @ 17km/h : 126W on edge

    160w on elite @ 15km/h ; 168W on edge

    so i don’t know how to get the figures better. I presume when doing a workout on power level, it assumes i’m riding flat??? Will it make sense to increment the p value for the flat with 10 points? 

    if i use the external powermeter in elite and do the same training the trainer reacts strange. Much more fluctiations and doesn’t keep the 120w or the 160w

  • i see, so , this Pnumber reprogramming needs to be done with fully warm trainer (it is important, due to a cold trainer reacts different than a fully warm) and with zerocalibrated 4iiii (it needs also daily zeroing with your Garmin or by 4iiii app) Maybe it causes this differences on different speed, i dont know. Try the Zwift, it has power matching feature, if You pair you 4iiii as power sensor in Zwift, and the Qubo as controllable trainer, the power readings and controlling will be made by 4iiii, so if You do an ERG based workout, your power numbers will be on (or near) to the target power level.  (it should be there in normal case, if not, something is wrong with the Qubo)

    Honestly i can understand your pain, i had a Tacx Genius in 2013/2014 winter, it was also the same, when it was cold (at the beginning of the workout) it overreported the power with 30watts @ 200w, after 10min it was +10w only, after 20min it was already apprx 0w, but after 30min and later it went down to negative range (even -10watts or more), so it was totally unusable for power based training with "ERG" mode.

    i bought a Tacx Neo immediately when it was released (i was one of the 1st customers, in HU for 100% sure) in sept 2015, it has unbelivable accuracy and constintency (i already tried/used 3 different NEO1 since the 1st try, all are the same and flawless). Here is the latest comparison from yesterday with an another very high end power meter (Power2Max NG): 


    so if possible , sell this Elite and get a Neo, it is an another dimension , cant compare to other trainers.

  • Also I have the upgrade app on my device, but no upgrade is available ( elite confirmed me this )

  • then try the Zwift, /it has a trial period/, with an ERG mode workout based on FTP% 

  • Hey Luko79, tried zwift ( had already tried it in the past ) and did a workout in erg mode. The main difference I notice now, is that the wattage zwift tells you to hold, does not stay there automatically. I reference to a standaard power/time workout in Rouvy or Elite , where with the Elite Qubo, the wattage stays at the level it needs, regardless on what speed your ride ( cadence based ). With zwift in ERG it tells you for example, ride now for 3 minutes at 230W . The powermeter now fluctuates and it's up to mee to see if I'm holding that 230W...  If I do the same in Elite, and add my powermeter and do a workout, it's th same. I must see for myself if I ride at a specific power ( W ) . IS this the way it should be ?

  • Hi,

    Did You pair them like this way? https://www.smartbiketrainers.com/use-erg-mode-zwift-4293

    4iiii for the power sensor, Qubo for controllable trainer , cadence is up2u, and the enabled ERG mode checkbox is very important in workout menu as the pic shows it in the article. 

    If everything is set up right, the zwift tells you to hold 230w for 3min, and it doesnt matter you accelerate or slow down, the avg power for that 3min will be 230w (depending your cadence stability the actual power values could fluctuate more or less, I can do it with +-3watts difference because my cadence nearly deadly constant and my pedaling style is /near/ perfect without any deadspots). 

    Does it help?