Edge 530 & Indoor Trainer ( Elite Qubo Digital B+ ) + 4iii Power meter / Workout Created Power Zones


my Elite Qubo is connected as indoor trainer on my 530 ( ANT + )

my 4iii precision power meter is connected to my 530 ( ANT + )

also my HR BT is connected to the 530

I created a workout on connect, with some steps like 5 minutes between 130W - 160W as a warm up

When I select this workout via Settings / Training / Indoor Trainer / Workout / My Workout , it starts .. the level meter starts to move, but pedalling is really hard and is incorrect.... 

It seems the resistance from my Elite is too hard and does not change based on the power I'm pedalilling ..

If i disconnect my 4iii power meter and run solely with the Elite same thing happens..

Does anybody got this to work ? 

Any tips to get this to work ?

And if both the powermeter and elite is connected ? Which power meter will be taken in acount if I run a workout based on power  ? The 4iii is more precise than my elite, so I prefer to use my 4iii and let the resistance be controlled by the Elite