Font size of data fields in comparison to Edge 820

When laid next to each other, data fields on the Edge 530 appear smaller than on the Edge 820, see picture. That's due to a visual illusion, as there a more space for each data field on the larger screen. I measured the digits with a ruler and they are exactly of the same height on both devices. However, that's not what I expected when I decided to switch from 820 to 530. One motivation was the larger screen and while it does provide benefit for the map and other graphical data pages, it has no effect on the font size of numerical data fields.

Since I am using data pages with numerical data fields most of the time during my rides, here comes my question:
Are there any plans to increase the font size of standard data fields on the Edge 530 so that they better make use of the available space similar to the Edge 820?

Speaking of font size: I have a long time wish to increase the font size of data fields even further. My main data pages haven't changed for years now and I know by heart which data is shown in each field, so I do not need the description on top of the data fields. It would be great to be able to switch off all field descriptions on one data page and by that increase the font size of standard data fields. This switch could be per data page. Just wanted to share this idea.

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