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firmware 3.00 constantly reboots

I connect to Express and updated to 3.00 firmware a few days ago.

It will reboot. if:

  • Start a ride then a press of the start/stop button.
  • Start a ride on a course, After 20 or 30 seconds it will reboot.
  • Setting -> Data Pages then a press of the start/stop button

If a ride is started it can't be stopped it will display "ride in progress". Cycling power has no affect. I can get out of this mode by connecting to Connect via USB.

I tried Reset -> Delete All, but that did not solve the problem.

The err.log file has the same error in it many times.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to load 2.90 firmware?

3558 (Edge 130 Plus) SW ver: 300
Build Type: RELEASE
ESN: 3348761875
09/02/23 08:58:05
errnum: 0x034
r0: 0x1ffc9ca8
r1: 0x00000000
r2: 0x00000000
r3: 0x00000000
r4: 0x2003fd00
r5: 0x00000000
r6: 0x20031758
r7: 0x1ffff924
r8: 0x00000018
r9: 0x00000001
r10: 0x1ffff924
r11: 0x0481b9c4
r12: 0x1ffff920
r13: 0x1ffc9a08
r14: 0x1ffc99c8
r15: 0x046ba157
r16: 0x00000000
r17: 0x80000000
r18: 0x40000000
r19: 0x00020000
r20: 0xe000ed38
r21: 0xe000ed34
r22: 0x00000000
Stack frame PC, SP: 0x0008f249, 0x1ffc9900
Call Stack - SP at 0x1ffc9900:
Uptime: 35676

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  • I have this same issue, i was prompted for a firmware update and now when I try to start a ride it instantly reboots after selecting the route type (i.e. 'Road')

  • I found a solution from

      Non-prompted non-vol clear – Power down. Hold UP + DOWN keys. Press power key. Release up key after first beep. Release down key after second beep.

    I had tried this other procedure a few days ago but it didn't solve the issue.

      Prompted non-vol clear – Menu>System>Device Reset. Choose between “Restore Settings” or “Clear All Data”

  • This worked! Thank you for posting this. 

    The Non-prompted non-vol clear solved the issue for me.

  • Actually it didn't completed work the first time after I Paired to Connect on phone since it caused the same problems. SO I decide to incremental install from scratch and test at each step.

    Deleted Connect from phone.Tried the soft reset. Checked operation: 130+ seemed to be working as expected using start\stop button.

    Loaded a course via USB. Checked operation:  130+ still seems to be working as expected : ride, navigation, data fields.

    Installed Connect on phone, Paired to 130+. Loaded course via Bluetooth. Checked operation:  130+ still seems to be working as expected ride, navigation, data fields.