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Importing routes

I bought my Edge 130+ (as a replacement for an old Edge 500) in order to be able to follow mountain bike routes downloaded from the web. Often I edit them before riding them.

My Edge 500 allows the import of .tcx files, displaying the course points as turn instructions in a very helpful way. My Edge 130+ successfully imported one .tcx file and has rejected my every attempt since (refusing even to re-import the same file). The file is left untouched in the New Files folder.

At first the Edge 130+ consistently accepted .gpx files. The waypoints were treated as saved locations rather than as turn instructions, which I found unsatisfactory, but looking at the GPX schema I have no idea how, if at all, GPX files are meant to store a mixture of points of passage and points with turn instructions. (So much the more reason to support the import of .tcx files, I would say.)

Recently my Edge 130+ has sometimes rejected .gpx files too. I have no idea why; I religiously clean out the Activity and Courses folders. (I think my Edge 500 accepts .tcx files about four times in five, but occasionally I have to repeat the transfer.) Might it have been because of the accumulation of saved locations?

I’m not happy with turn instructions being displayed as saved locations. Presumably if I convert tracks to .fit format I will be able to drag them to New Files and they will import successfully; turn instructions, stored as FIT course_points, will be shown in the same way as in tracks produced by Garmin Connect. This is still not as good as the display on my Edge 500, but maybe liveable with. And at least there is a compensating advantage, since .fit turn instructions come from a larger set than those used by .tcx, including (for instance) ‘Sharp Left’.

So my question is: which route import formats is an Edge 130+ intended to accept? Which of these make correct use of turn instructions?


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