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New Edge 1040 Series Public Beta 14.14 Now Available

A new Beta software for the Edge 1040 Series has been released. Full change log, instructions, and software for installing the beta can be found in the link below. 


  • For any issues that you encounter please fill out the form included in the download and attach it to an email to [email protected]. Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Change History

Changes made from version 14.13 to 14.14:

  • Fixed crash when connected to external battery
  • Fixed issue related to map zooming
  • Fixed issue returning to previous page after segment completes
  • Fixed issue with Connect IQ apps during activities
  • Fixed issue with scheduled workouts not appearing after sync
  • Fixed issue dismissing turn prompt with tap
  • Added manual compass calibration to test menu
  • Fixed misc bugs and improved stability

Changes made from version 14.12 to 14.13:

  • Updated to Training Status 2.0
  • Fixed issue with Di2/Remote actions going to previous page
  • Fixed Connect IQ issue with getting temperature data
  • Fixed changing data fields on workout data screen
  • Fixed auto lap by position
  • Fixed issues with ebike range
  • Made minor improvement to power calibration UI
  • Fixed various bugs and improved product stability

Changes made from version 12.16 to 14.12:

  • Added support for Ebike Smart Range
  • Added Music Control widget
  • Added support for Intensity Minutes
  • Added support for Fitness Age
  • Added climb markers to elevation graph
  • Added support for the Tempe temperature sensor
  • Added support for Connect IQ glances on the home screen
  • Added Segment Time data field
  • Added support for startup.txt
  • Added support for turning off Daily Suggested Workout on main menu
  • Added support for returning to training loop using Di2/Edge Remote buttons
  • Improved capitalization behavior on the keyboard
  • Improved turn prompt responsiveness
  • Improved auto-pause responsiveness
  • Fixed issues related to Connect IQ
  • Fixed issues related to Real Time Settings
  • Fixed issues related to solar gain reporting
  • Fixed potential freeze with specific map locations in Europe
  • Fixed issues related to map zooming
  • Fixed issue with disabling turn guidance
  • Fixed various bugs and improved product stability
  • I can confirm it works. I got a "PASS" after the calibration.

    And for the first time since I bought the Edge the compass is accurate now.


  • Today I tried the same route a few times separately to see if climbpro matches
    I imported course from RWGPS and rode a few times, then converted from activity record to course, and rode a few times, and the climbpro was roughly an accurate match.
    But I found that when I stopped moving, I saw that the small balloon was still moving, and the small balloon would move to the correct position in about 5-10 seconds. This should be the reason for the lag, but it is actually moving slowly, not a mismatch.
    In addition, I also found that when the course is imported repeatedly, the purple course line will be covered by the recorded light blue line (the purple line should not be covered, please fix it)

  • Today I probably hit the most silly bug in the history of all bike computers in planet Earth. I always had an alarm of 45 min so I can "eat" a GU. In this forward the first 4 min alarm came at 49 minutes and some seconds. The second alarm came at 1:33h. Even on Edge 1040 I was not seen this, ao I suspect was introduced in this firmware...

  • I wonder if the countdown between a drink or a snack, for example, is not considered as net time. So if you stop at the traffic lights or take some rest for e.g. 2 minutes, I think that this time is not included in the interval set by you, i.e. 45 minutes.
    This is only my guess, but I think it makes sense because during the marathon you would stop for a meal, coffee and it would turn out that immediately after the break you would have to ... eat a banana and drink it;)

  • If we cannot have a simple 45 minutes alarm working correctly, we cannot even begin to ask a fix for the Grade Lag and Climb Pro match. I don't have words to express what I feel about this Edge.

    And before anyone comes in defense of Garmin saying this is Beta and everything is expected, please be aware I don't want to be a Beta tester, I don't like to be a Beta tester. I am only using the beta firmware because 12.16 sucks In a such point that is better to have what we have here that at least keep all my devices connected.

    Having said that, I am starting to suspect that Climb Pro mismatch, Grade Lag are all connected with this silly bug I hit today, since if device cannot alarm a simple and plain 45 minutes timer, something is really wrong on the foundation of this new UI. I am starting to lose all hopes we will get this fixed before a year from now and we will have to return all our devices...

  • I can guarantee you that was not like that before on Edge 830. 100% sure. I use this feature for more than 2 years...

  • Both yes and no, one cannot help think that we are doing the software quality check that should have been done by garmin. Besides that, bugs will always exists and happy to see that garmin opened up a for 1040 beta program. I have joined but sadly the installation on my Garmin 1040 fails after the 14.14 is uploaded by Garmin Express.

  • Garmin's "problem" is that they have to many functionalities

    that is good , but also bad, to many variables

  • I just got 14.14 sent to me, so it's not beta anymore? 

  • My 1040 Solar just recieved the 14.14 update, so I guess it's no longer Beta?