Few questions..help

1. how to enable the visibility of "total time" aka "time passed", aside from "move time" when finished recording certain route? I have it while riding in one of the panels, in Garmin Connect app and .fit file opened in i.e. GPXsee but not in recorded ride summary inside GPS itself. So instead of total 7h, it only shows i.e. 5h of being in motion aka "move time";

2. "assistant mode" in e-bike panel options window - what's that exactly? Garmin page explanation being "current e-bike assist mode" is to little for me;

3. "stoper" in panel options window during ride - what's that for? Is it measuring "move time" ?;

4. "starting the timer automatically" - what's that for? It has: monit / automatic / by hand mode to choose;

5. what is the lowest and highest recommended battery percentage to charge & keep the device in top shape? (I already know, that, it's best to do it via cable connected to pc not wall brick);

6. where exactly inside Garmin GPS device folder put maps .IMG files or how to install those maps ftp.nluug.nl/.../index.html

  • Yes and no.  The worst thing for battery life is leaving it sat on a charger for long periods at 100%. It’s better to do 40-80% at even fast speeds. With a fast charger and long lasting battery this I think works out best. You are less inclined to charge to 100% because a) you know you can easily survive starting at 80% and b) know that you can charge up quickly to 80 anyway.  I have never really left my 1000 unit charging at 100% and the battery is still good now, regardless of charger (older edges limit it anyway which is why they are so slow).

    look what’s happening in the electric vehicle market. Longer range, fast charging and generally smart charging that only goes to 80% unless you tell it otherwise.  

    or another way to look at it, with the current amount of battery life you get out a 1040, in 10 years time you might get 20 hours out of it instead of 40. In 7 years time you’ll probably be buying a 1090…. 

  • 1/- If the 1040 is like other Edge models, when auto-pause is on you get moving time (you’re essentially telling the Edge to ignore stopped time.). When it’s off you get total time. It’s one or the other on the device, you don’t get both until the ride data is uploaded to GC.

    3/ Auto pause settings Using Auto Pause

    4/- Options for starting activity recording. Starting the Timer Automatically

    5/- Electrical stress on the battery internals is highest when it’s 100% charged, so it’s best to avoid storing it fully charged for long periods.

  • Thanks but what does it do??? What's its purpose?

  • 1. Shame. It should show both.

    And if turn off auto pause, will moving time also shows later on in GC as in case when turned on & having total time?

    Thanks but 3 + 4 isn't really an answer. I read those links before, thus asking to explain it to me in more human way in real life usage of those, what are those exactly:

  • And if turn off auto pause, will moving time also shows later on in GC as in case when turned on & having total time?--Yes

  • It’s how much help the battery/motor in you ebike is helping you.  The assistance level is not obvious on many ebikes (e,g, on mine I have to press a button and look at what colour it flashes) so having it displayed on the Garmin is helpful.  You can then turn it up for the hills, off for downhill and low for the flats.

  • Thanks. See? That's the problem. If You have Auto-Pause it only shows You "moving time" but when it's off it shows both "total time" AND "moving time" - BULL.SHYT.