Strava Segments not syncing Edge 1040

I cannot get my Strava starred segments or courses  to sync on my Garmin Edge 1040 Solar.  I upgraded from a 530 to the 1040 Solar (had no issues with 530 and segments) and always see the same "Sign into your Strava account using your Garmin Connect account" via the segments widget. I am signed in and see "segments" widget on my web-based connect dashboard with my starred Strava segments. In the garmin connect app I see that segments are also enabled.  Anyone else have the same problem?

I have tried these things....

1. Disconnected Strava from Garmin and reconnected (on Strava's website) 

2. Disconnected Garmin from Strava and reconnected (via Garmin connect profile) 

3. Added new segments in Strava to hopefully force a sync (unsuccessful ) 

4. Tried syncs with Phone 

5. Tried syncs via Garmin express via USB-C Connector. 

  • It looks like it's similar to pinned routes in Ride with GPS.  You might need to toggle the starred routes and segments then sync the 1040 through Garmin Connect Mobile to get them to transfer.  I just tried that in Strava and it worked for me.

  • Hello,

    I assume you're talking about the segment explorer screen from the top menu? I have the same issue indeed, no segments appear there. However, these segments are stored on the Garmin (I checked the Garmin\Segments folder) and the "Live Segment" functionality does start when approaching a segment. But indeed, the list of segments where you can browse them on the device itself, stays empty with the message you mention :-/

  • I had a similar problem:I was not able to sync my strava routes/courses to my garmin 1040. My solution was: go to your strava routes/courses and then unclick to " star" on your strava routes and click it again  (so you must clear the star and then activate the star on your strava routes again) then sync your device and the strava routes should be visible in your "courses" on your 1040.

    For your strava segments it might work the same...

  • Would you be okay with me reaching out directly to gather more information on this? I am able to recreate this, but would like to gather some information from you to help look into this. 

  • @Garmin-Blake absolutely. 

    I was able to get it to work this morning through this sequence. 

    1. Removed old edge device from Garmin Connect 

    2. Disconnect Garmin and Strava (at both ends) 

    3. Hard Reset of 1040

    4. Reconnect Strava and Garmin 

    5. Setup of Garmin 1040 from hard reset. 

    Strava data was there at the completion of setup. 

  • First, I am glad this is working for you. Since you were able to resolve this on your own, the information I was hoping to grab from you will no longer be there, but we will still escalate this report without that. 

    Thank you for following up with how you were able to work around that symptom. 

  • We have escalated these reports and can reproduce this internally. I will update here when more information is available. 

  • you can add me to the list, i tried everything connecting disconnecting strava and garmin. via mobile and via web… the only thing i did not try was removing old edge530 or doing a factory reset on the 1040. it seems to be partially connected, as the bluetooth is disconnected the message changes from „need to sign on go strava“ to „need Wifi or Phone“ to browse the segments. (even that Wi-fi would be available)

  • Do the emails on your Strava and Garmin Connect accounts match? Also, has your Summit subscription recently lapsed at all? Just gathering potentially helpful info to pass along. 

  • I’m joining this club…I remember at the beginning it was ok, then all of sudden disappeared and doesn’t sync anymore. Tried reconnecting Strava form Garmin connect but no luck. I’d skip hard reset, as setting up everything again is a pain in the …