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Bug: Losing all sensor connections

Today, i became the new Garmin Edge1040,

so I configured it, properly. Connect all my sensors (HRMpro, Quarq Powermeter, Garmin Speedsensor2 ) and started to do a nice hilly ride.. 

but after  a few meters, he lost all connections. Sometimes during the entirely ride, he find them again, for a few seconds.

Parallel to the edge 1040 I used the new Forerunner to wrote the sensordata. It works without Problems. 

Sensor connections to the Forerunner 955 Ant+, to the Edge Bluetooth.

Firmware 12.11 it looks it‘s a early early beta. 

Very sad experience, to play the beta tester for such a device… 

  • Strange - I've been on 2 rides with mine so far, with a:

    - Garmin HR monitor

    - Varia radar

    - 4iiii powermeter

    - Di2 drivetrain

    - Garmin speedsensor

    all connected just fine with no dropouts. I'm actually pleased with how quickly it gets it all connected when I start up a ride compared to my previous devices.

  • I confirm that! 

    I had exactly the same. A few meters after start, all sensors droppped and was impossible to reconnect. Had to stop my ride, completely turn off the device and then reboot. Then sensors came back. 

    In my case I found out it was a connect-IQ field causing it. I removed the field and NO ISSUES. Then later I added the field again - and voila a few seconds later - all sensors lost again. The Connect-IQ field is the WIND from Scott. But I don't think the field is the issue, since it works on my 830... 

    Also DI2 is not working properly. I have the gear field where I can see which chainring/cog I'm riding. On 830 I there are some small numbers showing the gearing. These are just all black. So a tiny bug more to iron out Garmin... ;-) 

  • Received my 1040 today and experienced the same behaviour.
    Upon switching on, the 1040 connects to all my sensors (HR, Power/Cad, Speed), however after about 5 minutes all sensors are disconnected.
    After switching the unit off and on it finds the sensors, but after about 5 minutes all sensor connections are lost again.
    Firmware 12.11

  • Tried Teriemer's solution to the problem and removed Connect IO app "Mapdashboard 4". 
    Problem solved.

  • I don’t have these ciq apps installed. 

    Now I did a full factory reset, tomorrow I will see . If this bug occurs again..

  • Same here. Was also running an ciq data field and experiencing totall sensor loss after couple of minutes. After a device restart, everything connects again for a limited amount of time..once I had removed the ciq fields from the data screen, no more issues afterwards 

  • This solved the issue for me as well.

  • i just get the garmin today, trying to scan my any+ pm HR and nothing!

  • Same for me.... Using SPH Graph as a connect IQ app.  Restored back to system defaults and using a typical 10 data layout screen, all the sensors were fine for hours but when I load the ConnectIQ app SPH Graph, the sensors are unreliable.  They connect for a minute or two then all of them drop out.

    I don't think not using ConnectIQ apps is a good answer but it is a work around.