1030 plus randomly shuts down and restarts

Mid ride my 1030 plus will restart for no obvious reason. It takes time then to re-establish itself and find sensors and gps etc. I am running Varia light, HRM, live track and Garmin power pedals. 

  • I encounter these errors as well. Since my purchase (April '21) the error log counts 24 files. Last few months regular 'BFT Main' task causing the restart during activity.

    I am really fed up with it now. Warranty has expired in the meantime but I'm not convinced these issues will be solved with another device.

  • I have changed the way my Varia rear light connects to my Garmin 1030 edge and I have not had any problems for a few weeks. I had previously connected it as a radar and would turn the light on manually. I have changed this so that it connects as a light and forms a light network. Since doing this it seems to have corrected the issue. Will see how it goes.

  • Hi Hengel01,

    I already use it as "a light and forms a light network" but unfortunately for me it does not works, but after I updated my iphone to the latest version it works good (for now of course).