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No Jetlag Advisor Settings in Garmin Connect Mobile

I've seen other MARQ II owners are seeing settings for the Jetlag function in GCM, under the Training & Planning options. However, I'm not seeing it in mine (iOS, latest version of GCM). I've got the widget installed on my Athlete (10.43), which tells me to set details in GCM, but I don't have the option there. I've tried the watch turning off/on and restarting GCM, but still nothing.

Anything I need to do to make it appear, or is there any other way of accessing the settings? (not that I'm flying long haul anytime soon)

  • Go to GCM > More > Training & Planning

  • Thanks, but as I mentioned in my original post, there's nothing there for Jetlag Advisor, just Workouts/Training Plans/PacePro../Power Guide/Segments.

    I would post a screenshot here but it seems I can only link to one I've uploaded elsewhere.

  • Please update your watch using Garmin Express on your computer. After your MARQ (Gen 2) Athlete has been fully updated, please re-confirm if you are seeing all of these options or if you are still missing the Jet Lag Advisor at the bottom.

    Using the Jet Lag Adviser

    You should see it listed in your Connect Mobile APP:

  • That did the trick, thanks. My watch had updated to 10.43 yesterday via GCM (confirmed in settings on the watch, and also had Morning Report this morning). However, when I plugged it into Garmin Express just now, as well as map updates it also said the 10.43 update was available. I installed the maps, and it obviously then 'realised' that 10.43 was already installed as that update option disappeared from Garmin Express without trying to reinstall itself. However, it looks like that also triggered the servers into making the Jet Lag Advisor setting available on GCM, so all is good.

    I've found similar before (with other recent Garmin watches): if I do an update over GCM, I still keep getting told the update is available in Garmin Express until I try to install it from there, at which point it realises it's already installed. It seems like the GCM-driven updates don't properly confirm back to the Garmin Connect servers that they're complete, or maybe the servers just don't pass the message along to Garmin Express.

  • Have the same issue. Just unboxed an Epix Gen 2  updated software to 11.28 using Garmin express. Jet Lag Advisor showing on watch  but not on Garmin Connect

  • Installing the map updates on my FR955 (beta released Apr 11, 2024) made the JetLag feature available for me as well. Re-login the web and restarting the android GC app was required (no surprise).