MARQ Captain (Gen 2) - What are the (Sailing) Wind Numbers on inner Bezel? They make no sense


Anyone else noticed the numbers on the inner bezel on the MARQ Captain (Gen 2), makes no sense. No help in manuel either.

They goes like this:  10 - 14 - 16 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 25 - 21 - 19 - 17 - I - 09


  • Update: the colors of the numbers on the inside bezel do make sense: when you go into this watch face settings, you can adjust preferred wind speed. The colors pick up this setting. So if you set it to 10 knots, it will show turquoise for all hours that it is 10knots +/- 3 knots. So that one is explained. 
    Only issue remaining is that mine keeps showing NORTH wind on the watch face ALL THE TIME, it never changes, the arrow keeps pointing north. That must be a bug. Does anybody else’s arrow change from north?

  • Does anybody else’s arrow change from north?

    Good question. I am hoping other new MARQ (Gen 2) Captain owners will report it moves. I have been able to replicate your issue on our internal watch though. There is now an escalated case to engineering since at least through using the iOS Connect Mobile APP with the watch, it seems to be stuck showing N (North) too (as seen in your picture example above) and consequently the wind direction arrow is not moving and pointing North too.

  • at first it seems that it worked, but after changing the value of the preferred wind the numbers on the inside bezel disappeared., lines are there but no numbers. 

    NORTH wind arrow issue is still the same. 

  • - as more and more people reply, it seems like this watch face is a complete cluster. We don't actually know what it is supposed to do, including you guys internally. It sounds like you have been asking engineering. Now, the fact that there is a marketing render that shows the arrow somewhere other than north means that someone at a design firm made an assumption as to how it should work (a fair assumption, but an assumption) not necessarily how it does work. We have pointed out some inconsistencies regarding the numbers around the outside, etc.

    Surely, since this was something designed specifically for this watch, you have a product manager that wrote a user story and defined the expected functionality of the watch face. Instead of asking engineering, can you ask the product manager what it should do, we can test if it does do that, and then either we put this to bed, or bugs get filed?

  • I think it should work as described by  and  . That would be a GREAT feature.

    A preferred wind speed is not necessary, the bezel should still shows you the wind forecast for the last hour and the next 11 hours. ( not only if its within +-3 kts range )

    // Or change preferred wind speed with 6-12 hours forecast setting

    The wind forecast for the "current hour" ( indicated as a small arrow is shown in the bezel)  will be in the watch face data at the bottom including the wind direction.

    I hope this is how they planned to implement it.

  • I wanted to point out (no pun intended) that my pointer does move off of N a little bit from time to time - I wonder if it has to do with the setting somewhere I could probably never find again, where I set to use “true north” …. I don’t know… but thought it was important to note that the needle DOES move.

  • Thank you for your example.

    For anyone that has not been added to the tracking case for the bottom wind data field issues, please refer to this thread and reach out to me. Thank you!

    MARQ (Gen 2) Captain Unique Watch Face - Wind Data Field Issues

  • it seems like this watch face is a complete cluster

    There are no issues with the sailing wind seen in knots along the inside of your AMOLED display. The information on how it works is clearly given in my response seen at the top of each page in this thread just beneath the original post.

    There are issues specifically with the bottom center wind data field that has a case escalated to engineering. If you are having an issue with that data field too, please do not hesitate to reach out to me so I can get you added into the tracking case. Thank you.

  •  Hey Chris, the thing is, there are inconsistencies in your explanations, which have been vague at best. And when asked specific questions by me in this regard, you just ignored the questions. That's why I think getting a detailed explanation of expected functionality from product management would help clear things up 

  • If these instructions given do not make sense, you are welcome to send me a Private Message and I will be happy to learn more for you but it will take time.

    When the MARQ (Gen 2) Captain was released, we quickly found out that some of the information presented to support needed better clarification. I am sorry, but it can happen. Especially, as we continue to add more and more tech into our devices.

    Please note, I do not intentionally ignore anyone in our forums but at the same time - you should not expect that we will always see your message or respond back to you. Our forums are 99.99% user supported. I will be in here as often as possible when I am not working on a new bug report that needs to get fixed by engineering. Most of my time is doing everything I can to see software bugs resolved across all generations. It has been 10 years already since the first Fenix and the first high end watch was our Fenix Chronos.

    If you ever need an answer quickly and you do not find it after searching at the very top of the forum, check our Support Center

    If needed, you are always welcome to reach out to Outdoor Product Support in your region.

    Have a good day.