Instinct 2 (Solar) constantly disconnecting and connecting till phone restart (Pixel 6 Pro)

I'm having the Google Pixel 6 Pro phone and the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar watch.
Before I was using the Garmin Forerunner 245 watch with the same phone and never had any issues.

After some time (1-2 days usually) my Instinct 2 Solar goes into some inifinite loop getting disconnected and connected again. In the Connect app I can also see the status changing between "Device connected" to "Device disconnected" again and again every few seconds. This also drains the battery.
Then I restart my phone and the issue is solved. Usually it takes up to 1-2 days and then it starts happening again.

Things I've already tried without success to solve the problem

  • Factory Reset of the watch
  • Reset all network options in the phone (includes to delete all bluetooth devices) and then not connecting any other device than my Instinct 2
  • Enabling the new Gabeldorsche Bluetooth stack in the developer options of the phone
  • Deleting Cache/Storage of the Garmin Apps
  • Re-Installing Garmin Connect + Connect-IQ app
  • Using only Connect app without Connect-IQ

I've found the exact same problem in the Garmin community already reported for the Fenix 7 watch. There most of the users are also having a Pixel 6 phone or a Samsung Galaxy Device. Maybe this is a general compatibility issue between new Garmin devices and certain phones.

I'm wondering as no one else has already reported this issue here in the Instinct 2 Forum. Is there anyone else facing same problems like me witih the combination of Instinct 2 and Pixel phone?

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